Working of Motorcycle Engines

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The modern motorcycles are fitted with two separate types of engines, i.e., 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines, which have a different cycle of operation and which run different fuel mixture. in order to have combustion in this two types of engines the following types of equipment are required. Both need Spark Plug, Magneto/Distributor, Carburetor, or Throttle Body, etc. are necessary accessories.

Requirements for the working of an engine

  1. Fuel. to provide heat energy.
  2. Air,
    • a) to prepare a combustible fuel-air mixture.
    • b) to act as a cooling agent.
  3. Oil,
    • to act as a lubricating agent in order to decrease wear and tear between two working parts.
    • to act as cushioning agent in order to decrease noise.
    • to act as cooling agent in order to eliminate heat generated by the working parts.
    • to act as a sealing agent between the piston and combustion chamber.
    • to act as a cleaning agent in order to remove dirt and grit from the passage of working parts.
  • to decrease the power loss by lowering the friction rate and thus ultimately increase the efficiency of the engine.
  1. Water. in the case of water cooled engines, to act as cooling agent in controlling temperature of the engine.
  2. Electric Spark. To provide ignition for the chemical action of fuel and thereby the generation of heat energy.

Flow of Fuel, Air, Oil, Water and Spark in the engine

Fuel, oil, water and spark have a different function in the working of an motorcycle engine, and flow through the different systems for the perfect working of an engine, according to its cycle of operation.

Different systems required for the perfect working of an engine

  • Fuel System. A system with the help of which requisite fuel is supplied to the engine.
  • Ignition System. A system by means of which an electric spark is provided in the combustion chamber at the scheduled time.
  • Cooling System. The system which controls the temperature of the engine.
  • Lubricating System. A system with the help of which different working parts are lubricated.
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