Title 12: Taxis

This Article is part of the Land Traffic Act

Section 93 (1000B)

Driver of a taxi shall not refuse to accept employment to convey passengers, except when such conveyance is likely to cause danger to himself or the passengers.

In the event of the driver of a taxi does not wish to be employed to convey passengers, a placard shall be displayed.

The manner of the display and the characteristics of the said placard shall be in accordance with the law on automobiles.

Section 94 (1000B)

Driver of a taxi shall not convey passengers in the number exceeding that prescribed in the license under the law on automobiles.

In counting the number of passengers, it shall be regarded that two children not older than ten years of age are equal to one passenger.

Section 95 (1000B

Anyone shall not:

  1. Solicit passengers for a taxi noisily or in a manner being a nuisance to the passengers or other persons
  2. Round up, pull, hold back or force persons or their belongings to board any taxi.

Section 96 (500B)

Driver of a taxi shall not charge a fare in excess of the amount registered in the taxi meter.

The characteristics and use of a taxi meter shall be in accordance with the prescriptions in the Ministerial Regulations. (1000B)

Section 97 (500B)

The passengers shall pay a fare according to the amount registered in the taxi meter.

Section 98 (500B)

A royal decree shall be issued to prescribe localities and taxis of every type or certain types to which the provisions of Section 96 and Section 97 shall apply with conditions.

In a locality not governed by the royal decree pursuant to paragraph one, no driver of a taxi shall charge a fare in excess of the amount agreed upon with the passenger and such passenger shall pay the fare in the amount agreed upon.

The provision in paragraph two shall also apply to the taxis of the types not being prescribed in the royal decree pursuant to paragraph one.

Section 99 (1000B)

Driver, while driving a taxi, shall not

  1. Smoke, play a radio or act in any manner that is a nuisance to the passengers
  2. Extend a hand, arm or any part of the body out of the vehicle, except in displaying signals pursuant to Section 37
  3. Control the steering wheel with only one hand, except when necessary
  4. Use sound signals when entering into the area of a hospital, office or educational institute
  5. Use horn sound signals to press other vehicles
  6. Overtake or dash in front of other vehicles haphazardly and dangerously
  7. Drive into other person's house area
  8. Pick up a passenger in an area prescribed by the traffic officer with a traffic sign prohibiting picking up of passengers
  9. Use impolite word, speak sarcastically at, insult, abuse or act in such manner to the passengers or other persons.

Section 100 (2000B and/or 1 month imprisonment)

The driver of a taxi shall convey his passengers through the shortest route or a reasonable detour and shall deliver them at the place agreed upon.

Driver of a taxi shall not forsake his passengers on the way in any circumstance.

Section 101

[The driver of a taxi shall dress in a uniform with an embroidered mark, according to regulations.]

Section 102 (1000B)

[If the Minister specifies a parking space for taxis, taxi drivers must park their taxis there in wait for passengers.]

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