Title 5: Prescription of Speeds of Vehicles

This Article is part of the Land Traffic Act

Section 67 (1000B

[The driver must not exceed the speed limit prescribed by regulation according to the type of the vehicle, or as specified on the traffic signs on the road.]

Section 68 (500B)

[When letting other vehicles overtake, the driver shall reduce his speed. The driver should reduce speed when stopping, turning or making a U-turn.]

Section 69 (500B)

[The driver shall reduce the speed when

  • a. on a hill
  • b. on a bridge
  • c. at a bridge foot
  • d. through a narrow pass
  • e. on a curve
  • f. on a slope
  • g. at a critical (congested) area
  • h. the fog, rain, dust or smoke limits visibility to 60m or less.]

Section 70 (500B)

[The driver shall reduce speed when approaching a junction, pedestrian crossing, vehicle stop line, or circle (rotary).]

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