Title 18: Power of the Traffic Officer and Competent Officer

This Article is part of the Land Traffic Act

Section 135

[The traffic officer may declare a private land as the road under this Act, upon consent of the land owner.]

Section 136

[The Director General can appoint instructors to instruct traffic volunteers who assist competent officers.]

Section 137

In performing his dusy assigned to him under this Act, a traffic volunteer shall be an officer under the Criminal Code.

Section 138 (1000B)

[In case of accident or emergency, the traffic officer or competent officer shall have the power to execute any action deemed appropriate or necessary, such as:

  1. To prohibit the entrance of vehicles of all or certain categories or pedestrians
  2. To prohibit the stopping or parking of vehicles
  3. To prohibit the turning, turning around of backing of vehicles
  4. To pescribe a road as one-way.]

Section 139 (1000B)

[If a police officer deems it appropriate, he may set and notify traffic rules.]

Section 140

[Upon finding a traffic violation, the police officer may give a verbal warning or issue a written order to the driver to report at a police station. In the event of the driver is nowhere to be found, a written order shall be left on the vehicle at a conspicuous place.

In issuing a written order to a driver to report to a police station, the police officer may temporarily seize the driving license by issuing a driving license replacement, which shall be valid for driving for a period not exceeding seven days.]

Section 141

[One may pay the fine by sending a money-order or bank-cheque with the copy of the written order.]

Section 142 (1000B)

[The traffic officer or competent officer shall have the power to order a driver of a vehicle to stop the vehicle upon:

  1. The condition of the vehicle not being correct according to the provision of Section 6
  2. Having a cause to believe that the driver of or a person in such vehicle violates or does not compoly with the provisions of this Act or the law on such vehicle.

In case the traffic officer, the inquiry officer or the competent officer see that the driver violates to the Section 43 (1) or (2), they can order the driver to be tested whether he lacks of ability to drive or whether he's intoxicated.

In case the driver refuses to be tested, the officer may keep him in custody for a necessary period of time to examine. If the driver is normal, he shall be acquitted promptly.]

Section 143 (1000B)

[If a motor vehicle doesn't satisfy Section 6, the traffic officer may issue a written order to service the vehicle.]

Section 144 (1000B)

[After the owner or driver of a vehicle pursuant to Section 143 have repaired the vehicle, he must bring the vehicle for inspection and receive a certificate before putting the vehicle in use.]

Section 145

The investigation officer shall have the power to investigate all the offences under this Act, and shall have the power to impose fines or give verbal warnings.]

Section 146

The fine payments under this Act obtained in Bangkok Metropolis or any Province or locality specified in the Notification of the Ministry of Interior shall be given in part to the Bangkok Metropolis or the Municipality of such Province for traffic management or wholly allocated to the locality specified in the Notification of the Ministry of Interior.

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