Title 19: Penalty Provisions

This Article is part of the Land Traffic Act

Section 147 - Section 160

Section 161

In the event a driver having committed an offence under this Act, the Commander of the Bangkok Metropolitan Police, the Commander of the Provincial Police, the Commander of the Traffic Police, the Commander of the Highways Police or the person authorized by the said officers shall have the power to seize and hold the driving license of such driver for not exceeding sixty days at a time.

The driver whose driving license is seized pursuant to paragraph one may appeal to the Director General within fifteen days from the day of the seizure of the driving license.

The Director General shall consider the petition and give the decision to either seize or not seize the driving license within one month from the day of receipt of the appeal. Such decision of the Director General shall be final.

Section 162

In a lawsuit that a driver is convicted by the final judgment of the Court for the commission of an offense under this Act or the law governing such vehicle, besides the penalty that such driver is liable under such provision but, if it appears to the Court that the driver is likely to cause danger to persons or property of other persons if allowed to drive, the Court shall have the power to order the suspension or revocation of the driving license of such person.

Section 163

With regard to a lawsuit that there is a commission of an act that violates or does not comply with the provisions of this Act or the law governing such a vehicle, if such violation or non-compliance has caused damage to the traffic signals or traffic signs installed by the competent officer, the Public Prosecution Officer, upon prosecuting the offender, shall demand for compensation for the damage inflicted upon the said traffic signals or traffic signs.

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