Title 13: Pedestrians

This Article is part of the Land Traffic Act

Section 103 (200B)

A pedestrian shall walk on the footpath or road shoulder at the side of a roadway. If such footpath or road shoulder at the side of a roadway does not exist, he shall walk along the edge of the way on his right.

Section 104 (200B)

Pedestrian shall not cross a way within not more distance than 100 meters from a pedestrian crossing except in the pedestrian crossing.

Section 105 (200B)

[methods for pedestrians to cross a road on a pedestrian crossing.]

Section 106 (200B)

[methods for pedestrians to cross a road at a junction without a pedestrian crossing.]

Section 107 (500B)

[When a police officer is regulating the traffic with hand signals or whistle, a pedestrian must obey his instructions.]

Section 108 (500B)

Persons shall not walk in files or processions in the manner that obstructs the traffic, except:

  1. Files of military or police personnel under the control of an officer according to the rules and practice
  2. Files or processions that the traffic officer permits and that comply with the conditions prescribed by the traffic officer.

Section 109 (500B)

No person shall commit any act on a footpath or any other way provided for pedestrians in any manner that obstructs other persons without sufficient cause.

Section 110 (500B)

No person shall buy or sell goods, distribute materials or solicit contributions in a roadway or in the middle of a way without sufficient cause or that obstructs the traffic.

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