Motorcycle Brands Available in Thailand

Motorcycle Manufacturers below 250cc

  • Honda Motorcycles - Honda Motorcycles has a width range (from 100cc up to 250cc) of motorcycle and scooters available in Thailand. Honda is also the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Thailand.
  • Kawasaki - Kawasaki has small displacement motorcycles available from 110cc to 250cc. This motorcycles are manufactured in Thailand. Kawasaki Thailand sells in total three 250cc motorcycles.
  • Sachs - Sachs Motorcycle offers a few culture motorcycles in Thailand
  • Suzuki - Suzuki has a good selection of motorcycles and scooters available in Thailand. Suzuki also manufacturers motorcycles and motorcycle parts in Thailand
  • Tiger - Tiger Motor is the only independent Thai motorcycle manufacturer, Tiger is known for good quality motorcycles up to 250cc
  • Yamaha - Yamaha is Thailand's second popular motorcycle manufacturer. Yamaha Thailand offer motorcycles and scooters up to 135cc

Motorcycle Manufacturers above 250cc

  • BMW - BMW Motorrad has setup a official distribution network in Thailand with Authorized BMW Motorcycle Retailers
  • Ducati Motor S.p.A. - Ducati Motorcycle are official available in Thailand
  • Harley Davidson - Harley Davidson has since a few years again a official representative in Thailand
  • Kawasaki - Let the Good Times Roll with Motorcycles in Thailand, Kawasaki doesn't only manufacture big displacement motorcycles in Thailand, a select number of models are also available in Thailand.
  • Triumph - Triumph offers their full range of motorcycles in Thailand. Triumph is also manufacturing motorcycle in Thailand
  • Yamaha - Yamaha Thailand has a select number of big bike motorcycles available in Thailand

Grey market

The grey market trade of motorcycles in Thailand through distribution channels which, while legal, are unofficial, unauthorized, or unintended by the original manufacturer. Customer dealing with grey market distributors need to be extra careful if the documents they get are genuine.

It often happens that official motorcycle dealers in Thailand will not trade-in grey-market, or grey imported motorcycles.

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