Title 17: Miscellaneous

This Article is part of the Land Traffic Act

Section 120 (500B)

The driver shall not drive backwards in the manner which is not safe or obstructing the traffic.

Section 121 (500B)

[The rider of a motorcycle shall sit on the saddle, provided for the motorcycle rider. If the competent officer specifies in the registration to be able to carry passengers, the passenger shall ride at the back seat provided for the passenger, or in the side-car.]

Section 122 (500B)

[The rider and the passenger of a motorcycle shall wear a motorcycle helmet.

The provision under this Section is not forced for monks, novices, ascetics, persons of other religions which require wearing of a turban, or any persons under Ministerial Regulation.]

Section 123 (500B)

[The number of passengers sitting in the front row must not exceed two. The driver must wear a seat-belt, and let other passengers in the front row to wear a seat-belt.]

Section 124 (500B)

[Passenger must not obstruct views of the driver or operation of the vehicle. Passenger must not extend his hands, arms, etc out of the vehicle while it's in operation. No one can get in or get out of a bus/school bus/taxi while the vehicle is stopping at a traffic light or other obstruction. The driver or conductor of a bus/school bus/taxi must not allow anyone to do above mentioned actions.]

Section 125 (400-1000B)

When driving through a narrow pass between mountains or hills or when driving in a roadway on a mountain or hill, the driver of a vehicle shall keep close to the kerb on the left-hand side and upon arriving at a curve shall use sound signals to give a warning to another vehicle that may be coming in the opposite direction.

Section 126 (500B)

Driver of a vehicle shall not apply the neutral gear or let in the clutch while driving down a slope or shoulder of a hill.

Section 127 (1000B)

Driver of a vehicle shall not

  1. Drive his vehicle in less distance than 50m behind an emergency vehicle which is performing its duty
  2. Drive his vehicle into or park his vehicle in a fire operation area
  3. Drive his vehicle on top of a fire-hose with no protection while firemen are performing their duty except with permission of the firemen then on duty.

Section 128 (1000B)

No person shall place, pour or throw pieces of broken glass, nails, wire, grease, empty cans or other materials or commit any action on a way that may cause danger or damage to vehicles or persons or obstruct the traffic.

Section 129 (500B)

Any person who knows that any of the said materials pursuant to Section 128 under his control has fallen, leaked or flown on a way shall immediately remove such material out of the way.

Section 130 (1000B)

Any person shall not burn or commit any action within a distance of 500m from a roadway that causes smoke or other things likely to be dangerous to the traffic in such roadway.

Section 131 (200B)

Any person who removes a broken down or ruined vehicle from a way shall over immediately remove all the broken parts or fallen articles that result from such break-down or ruin.

Section 132 (200B)

[The owner or driver of a school bus must put a SCHOOL BUS sign, not less than 15cm in height, in the front and back of the bus while on duty of picking up/putting down students.

When the school bus is not in use for picking up/putting down students, the driver must have the SCHOOL BUS signs concealed and, in case the bus is equipped with red flash lights to warn other vehicles, must not use the lights.]

Section 133 (500B)

[A vehicle to be used in a procession or for advertising or entertainment along ways must acquire a permission from the traffic officer.]

Section 134 (10,000B and/or not less than three months of imprisonment)

There shall be no vehicle race on the roadway except with written permission from the traffic officer.

There shall be no supporting of vehicle race on the roadway except with written permission from the traffic officer.

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