Land Traffic Act

This Article is part of the Thai Motorcycle Law
B.E. 2522 (1979)

Title 1: Use of Vehicles
Title 2: Traffic Signals and Traffic Signs
Title 3: Use of Roadways

  1. Vehicle Driving
  2. Overtaking and Passing
  3. Starting off, Turning and Turning Around Vehicles
  4. Stopping and Parking Vehicles

Title 4: Use of Roadways with Traffic Lanes
Title 5: Prescriptions of Speeds of Vehicles
Title 6: Driving through Junctions or Circles
Title 7: Emergency Vehicles
Title 8: Towing or Pulling Vehicles
Title 9: Accidents
Title 10: Bicycles
Title 11: Passenger Vehicles
Title 12: Taxis
Title 13: Pedestrians
Title 14: Animals and Articles in Ways
Title 15: Horse-Drawn Carriages and Bullock Carts
Title 16: Safety Zone
Title 17: Miscellaneous
Title 18: Power of the Traffic Officer and Competent Officer
Title 19: Penalty Provisions

Section 1

This Act is to be called Land Traffic Act, B.E. 2522.

Section 2

This Act shall come into force 90 days after its publication in the Government Gazette.

Section 3

The following shall be repealed:

  • a. Land Traffic Act B.E. 2477 (1934)
  • b. Land Traffic Amendment Act,, B.E. 2478 (1935)
  • c. Land Traffic Act <No. 3>, B.E. 2481 (1938)
  • d. Land Traffic Act <No. 4>, B.E. 2508 (1965)
  • e. Announcement of the Revolutionary Party No. 59, January 29, B.E. 2515 (1972)

Section 4

[Definition of 40 legal terms, namely: Traffic, Way, Motorway, Motor lane, Bus lane, One-way street, Curbside, Road shoulder, Road junction, Circle, Footpath, Street crossing, Safety zone, Critical area, Vehicle, Automobile, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Emergency vehicle, Truck, Passenger vehicle, School bus, Bus, Taxi, Tow-truck, Trailer, Taximeter, Driver, Pedestrian, Vehicle owner, Conductor, Driving license, Traffic signal, Traffic sign, Minister, Director general, Traffic officer, Competent officer, Traffic volunteer, Inspector.]

Automobile means a vehicle that has three wheels or more and driven by an engine power or electric or other power, except vehicle running on rails.

Motorcycle means a vehicle that is driven by an engine power or electric or other power and has not more than two wheels and, if attached by a side-car, has not more than an additional wheel.

Driving license means a license to drive an automobile under the law on automobile, a driver's license under the law on vehicles for rent, a driving license under the law on wheeled vehicles, and a license of an operator of the transportation equipment under the law on transportation.

Section 5

The Minister of Interior shall be in charge and control of the execution of this Act and shall have the power to appoint traffic officers and issue Ministerial Regulations prescribing other activities for the execution of this Act.

Ministerial Regulations shall come into force upon publication in the Government Gazette.

Ministerial Regulations

Ordinance No. 14/1992 of the Ministry of Interior

Section 1

Definition of a helmet.

Descriptions of 3 types of helmet: full-face, open-face and half-face.

When the helmet is accompanied with a visor, the visor must be transparent and untinted.

Section 2

A motorcycle helmet must be one of the 3 types mentioned in Section 1. When the industrial standards have been set, a motorcycle helmet must come up to the standards.

Section 3

When riding a motorcycle, both the driver and the passenger must wear a motorcycle helmet and fasten the chin strap securely so that the helmet doesn't come off in case of a collision.

Ordinance of the Cabinet, December 23, 1994

(in essence) Whereas the 1992 Ordinance enforced the Helmet Law only in some areas of Bangkok, this Ordinance enforce the Helmet Law in following areas:

  1. Whole Bangkok … 90 days after promulgation of this Ordinance
  2. Khon Kaen, Chonburi, Chiangmai, Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Si Tammarat, Nakhon Sawan, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Phitsanulok, Phuket, Songkhla, Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon, Surat Thani, Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani … 180 days after promulgation of this Ordinance
  3. All other provinces … 360 days after promulgation of this Ordinance
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