Keihin Fuel Systems

Keihin is an technology company, which produces Fuel Injectors, Throttle Bodies, Intake Manifolds, ECUs, Fuel Pumps, Pressure Regulators, and CNG.

Keihin carburetors and throttle bodies provide quick response and high performance in motorcycles of all applications, from the race circuit through to off-road use. Keihin products have always been known for their high performance, precision and outstanding reliability. Systematization of products for further power output and potential is being pursued, with priority being placed on the environment.

Motor Sports

Keihin racing products are being supplied for use in racing engines in F1, Indy Car, SUPER GT, and various other motor vehicle races. And, Keihin Flat CR (FCR) carburetors, other types of carburetors and fuel injection parts are used in a wide variety of motorcycle racing events. These include road races (GP races), Superbike races, Endurance races, Motocross races and Trials.

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