Kawasaki D-Tracker

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Kawasaki D-Tracker 250

Kawasaki D-Tracker 250


The Kawasaki D-Tracker is powered by a compact design, lightweight and high revving, with a broad torque curve four-stroke, Liquid-Cooled, DOHC, four-valve single cylinder, 249 cc engine. The flat-top lightweight piston, piston pin and connecting rod enable higher revs for maximum power and the pentroof combustion chamber all together deliver an high 11:1 compression ratio. Kawasaki uses a aluminum cylinder which features electrofusion coating, this allows a tight piston-cylinder clearance for greater horsepower and offers increased engine life thanks to better heat transfer and lubrication retention properties. The four-valve cylinder head provides maximum valve area for optimum flow to boost low end torque while providing improved high-rpm breathing efficiency for more power

A unique gear-driven engine balancer provides smooth power delivery from idle to engine redline.

Kawasaki uses a single 34mm Keihin fuel injection system, which utilities an ultra-fine atomizing 10-hole injector.

Engine Cooling

The dual high-capacity, vertical-flow Denso radiators provide reliable and efficient engine cooling, the radiators feature tightly packed cores and a fin design for excellent heat dispersion.


The maximum engine output of the Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 is 16 kW (22 PS) @ 7,500rpm, with a maximum torque of 20.5 N·m (2.1 kgf·m) @ 7,000rpm

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