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The Honda Wave introduces a new generation of smart and stylish step-through scooters that offer even wider appeal than the famous Super Cub it replaced. Featuring a host of modern features it sticks true to the Honda step-through philosophy of producing a motorcycle that is easy to use and maintain, offers super fuel efficiency and has bullet-proof reliability. With its great looks, wide range of easy operating features, strong performance, low fuel economy and remarkably low price.


The Honda Wave places a strong emphasis on long-term endurance and reliability with its world-proven, time-tested 4-stroke engine technology and quality construction. This inherent peace-of-mind also extends to such features as its large, bright multi-reflector headlight and large, elegantly styled muffler cover, while extra convenience comes in the form of easy push-button starting and the spacious carrying capacity found under its locking tandem seat.

Forward leg shields are integrated into its bodywork to provide protection against the wind and elements while still maintaining a slim, easy-riding form. Below, a sharply designed undercowl takes up room under the engine to complement the bodywork's design.


The Honda Wave is powered by a air-cooled 4-stroke SOHC single cylinder engine with either 110cc or 125cc. The Wave's engine is also designed to be both easy on the environment and easy on the wallet, with its newly improved fuel-injection system, which Honda calls the PGM-FI, providing a robust 77 kilometers of operation on a single liter of fuel (measured at an operating urban speed of 55km/h) for excellent fuel economy, with virtually no smoke-producing oil consumption.

The engine also features an externally mounted low-emissions Air Induction system, which feeds fresh air into the engine's exhaust port to ensure more complete burning of exiting exhaust gases, subsequently reducing exhaust emissions to well within current EURO-3 emissions regulations. Engine noise is also kept to a minimum, with a large-volume exhaust silencer keeping exhaust output muffled to a quiet burble, and a silent chain driving the single overhead cam to greatly reduce the sound of mechanical noise.


Honda uses a centrifugal clutch semi-automatic with 4 gears, with a enclosed roller chain as the final drive. The Honda Wave's easy-shifting 4-speed transmission features an automatic centrifugal clutch that allows easy gear changes without need of manual clutch operation. It also features a convenient rotary configuration that permits shifting directly from top gear to neutral after coming to a complete stop, rather than downshifting through all the gears.

An innovative External Primary Brake System (EPBS) built into the changer mechanism helps keep gear shifts smooth and free of the jerky operation sometimes associated with automatic clutch transmissions. Its see-saw changer features a standard toe shifter at the front and a heel pad at the back to make shift operation easy while protecting shoes from scuffs and scrapes into the bargain.


Seating comfort is a big feature on the Honda Wave, and its broad, flat tandem seat provides a comfortable perch for two. Underneath the tilt-up seat is a convenient 7-liter carrying space to hold a number of traveling essentials.

Foot rests are standard rubber-sheathed motorcycle-type pegs, including fold-up pillion pegs mounted on sleekly styled cast aluminum stays. A large, cast aluminum pillion grip surrounds the rear of the seat, providing a comfortable and convenient hand hold for passengers, while offering a secure anchor to tie down larger parcels.

The forward visage is topped by a compact handlebar cover, with curvaceous lines blending cleanly into the curves of its beautifully molded multi-reflector headlight, with its large, clear lens. Below this, its forward bodywork is highlighted by a centrally positioned front grille covering its built-in horn, while large, eye-catching multi-reflector indicators take prominent position, cleanly integrated into the upper edges of the leg shields. At the rear, compact indicators mounted on flexible stalks are positioned on either side of the compact, high-visibility taillight integrated into the Innova's tail.

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