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Different Fuels

The different fuels available in Thailand are Gasohol 95, Gasohol 91, E20 and E85 fuels

Gasohol 95

Gasohol 95 is a fuel oil achieved through the mixture of ethanol and ethyl alcohol with 99.5% pure alcohol.

Gasohol 91

Gasohol 91 is the petrol resulting from the blend of lead-free gasoline with 10% of ethanol or ethyl alcohol, which is 99.5% pure alcohol.


E20 is a fuel which contents 20% Ethanol and 80% gasohol. Some gasoline companies mix an corrosion inhibitor to the fuel, which can prevent corrosion of the engine,parts, ducts. This enhances the lifespan of the engine.


E85 is the mixture of 75 to 85% of 99.5% pure ethanol with 12 to 25% of standard gasoline. Engines need to be certified by the manufacturer to be able to run on E85 fuel. Using E85 with none-certificated engines will cause corrosion by the high percentage of ethanol.

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