Title 6: Driving through Junctions or Circles

This Article is part of the Land Traffic Act

Section 71 (500B)

[If, when entering a junction, there are other vehicles, the driver must let such vehicles go through first.

If two vehicles enter a junction from different directions at the same time, the vehicle on the left side has a right of way, except when there's a designation of “principle roadway” in which case the vehicle on the principle roadway has a right of way.]

Section 72

[A principle roadway is announced by the traffic officer and installed with indicative traffic signs.]

Section 73 (500 - 1000B)

[A driver must comply with traffic signals and signs which are installed at a circle (rotary). (1000B)

If there's no traffic signal or sign installed at a circle (rotary), a driver must give way to vehicles coming from his right. (500B)

If the traffic officer deems it appropriate, he may set temporary traffic signals. (1000B)]

Section 74 (500B)

A driver who is driving a vehicle out of a private way or a roadway in a building area, before crossing or turning into the roadway that cuts across, shall stop his vehicle to let the vehicles passing or moving in the roadway through before proceeding upon it being safe.

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