Title 9: Accidents

This Article is part of the Land Traffic Act

Section 78 (2000B / one-month imprisonment)

[Any person who drives a vehicle and causes damage to other person or other person's property, be it his fault or not, shall stop the vehicle and give appropriate assistance, and immediately report to the competent officer who is on duty near to the scene, and leave the information of his full name, address and the vehicle registration number with the injured person.

In the event that the driver escapes or does not report himself to the competent officer at the scene of the accident, it shall be presumed that he is the offender and the competent officer shall have the power to seize the vehicle driven by the driver who has escaped or has failed to report the accident until the case receives the final judgment or the driver is found.

If the owner does not make his presence to the competent officer within six months from the day of the accident, it shall be regarded that the vehicle is associated with a criminal activity, and it shall become the property of the state.]

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