• Album: Road Motorcycle (0)
    Road-legal motorcycles. We want to see the specials that are built to be ridden on the street, not hauled around on the back of a pick-up truck.

    Views 860
  • Album: Virtual Motorcycle (0)
    Your fevered notions of the perfect special. These can be computer-generated or hand-drawn (please scan them first).

    Views 766
  • Album: Work-in-Progress Motorcycle (0)
    Mouth-watering projects, possibly years in the making but still not complete. It's vision we're looking for.

    Views 750
  • Album: Bolt-On (0)
    A standard motorcycle built by bolt-on's accessories. Let the battle of the wallet-fighters commence...

    Views 820
  • Album: Track-Bike (0)
    Race and track bike special only. Utility and technical innovation will carry at least equal weight to surface beauty.

    Views 727
  • Album: Two-Stroke Motorcycles (0)
    Road or race two-stroke motorcycle, the only stipulation is it must have a two-stroke engine. How we love a stroker. Bring on those smokers on two-wheels.

    Views 880
  • Album: Most Resourceful (0)
    The best nitty-gitty, real-world engineering / electrical innovation or solution. It's about imagination, not money.

    Views 785
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