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  • Bike Touring Asia (683)
    Asian travel and motorcycle touring websites to show you can ride to a fun-filled holiday on your bike without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • German Biker-Group Chiang Mai (461)
    We are a group of pensioners, living in Chiang Mai / Northern Thailand.

    Regularly we meet also motorcycle enthusiasts from other areas, such
    as Chiang Rai, Phan, Chiang Dao, or even from the south of Thailand.

    Just people who have decided to leave Germany forever or only for longer
    periods of time to live an another life here in the beautiful scenery and a
    fantastic climate...

    And we have a common passion:

    Motorcycling - cruise - enjoy scenery

    Gradually we have come to know us and discover that it is much more
    funny to ride together in a group in this beautiful country.

    Our guys have "small" and "large", "light" and "heavy" Bikes (175 cc to
    1,600 cc), the performance is not important - just have fun together,
    this is our credo.