All Systems Go For Yamaha Official Rally Team At The 2017 Dakar Rally

With the first of twelve gruelling stages of the 2017 Dakar Rally kicking off today, the Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team quartet of Hélder Rodrigues, Adrien Van Beveren, Alessandro Botturi and Rodney Faggotter are all-set and ready to begin their battle for top honours in this two-week-long adventure in Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina.

For all Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team members the 2017 Dakar Rally adventure officially started as soon as they landed in Asunción a few days back. Meeting up with their teammates, mechanics and team personnel they immediately started preparing themselves for the biggest and toughest rally in the annual calendar.

Spending a significant amount of time testing their WR450F Rally bikes outside Paraguay's capital, all four Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team riders made the necessary final adjustments in order to gain optimum confidence on their racing machines ahead of the race.

The pre-run to the race came to a close with a very busy Sunday, where team members went through administrative and technical checks, attended the final pre-race briefing and then rode their Yamaha machines through the starting podium in front of Asunción's historical Palacio de Lopez presidential palace.

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MotoGP - Jorge Lorenzo Riding the Ducati GP17

While Yamaha was generous enough to let its three-time champion Jorge Lorenzo hop over to the Ducati garage for the Valencia test, it has restricted him from speaking to the press about his new team and motorcycle.

But while JL99 kept silent, there wasn’t much left to be said seeing him and ex-rival and now team-mate Casey Stoner discussing matters, a smile plastered on their faces all along. Understandably, it was Jorge Lorenzo’s first time on a Ducati that had everyone on the edge of their seat.

The cameras were all trained on him as the readied to take out the Ducati GP16, and he didn’t disappoint. Lorenzo was third fastest on Day 1, and eight fastest on Day 2, which was when he tried out the new Ducati GP17. While Jorge Lorenzo familiarized himself with the Ducati Desmo, team-mate Andrea Dovizioso was tasked with the duty of carrying out development work, which he did, trying out a new engine with smoother power delivery.

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Gabit Takes Crown, Malaysian Sweeps Asia Supermoto Podium

The fourth and final round heard the roar of Malaysians as Muhd Habibullah (#27 Gabit) takes the FIM Asia Supermoto Championship 2016 for both Open International and Asian Class. He is the first and only person to win at both classes against 21 top international riders from 18 countries. The Asian Class podium was followed by Khairi Zakaria (Hairi) and Mohd Al-Amirul Ashshahid (Gaban) who took the first and second runner-up respectively. A grand gala dinner was arranged after the race in celebration of the successful campaign.

Upon completion of four heated rounds in four countries across two regions namely Australia in September, Indonesia in October, the Philippines in November and Malaysia in December, Gabit said that the race played a significant role in elevating the industry’s standard. “Before the race was founded, it was tough to look for an avenue to compete internationally and expand our skills. While the local races and other small scaled regional races played a role in pushing the boundaries, competing on a global scale will open our eyes to skills, rivals and competition we have not encountered.

Riders from Asia has proven to be as competitive as other international riders. We believe that this championship will be the footstep for us to improve our skills and spearhead the Supermoto scene,” he added. Gabit concluded his winning speech with a chant of Malaysia Boleh.

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Looking Back on the 2016 MotoGP Season

It was mathematically possible but no one expected that the MotoGP championship would be done and over at the Japanese round at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit, not even Marc Marquez himself. With three races to go he sealed the issue with a win as his two rivals. Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, both slid off their Yamaha YZR-M1 chasing a disappearing Honda RC23V – mounted Marc Marquez.

The celebrations after he crossed the line where not choreographed on that day, his mind set on keeping up the fight. Okay, the t-shirts were ready (there is someone who is paid to take care of that and I bet there was some digging for boxes after Lorenzo’s demise during the race) but it was his younger brother Alex Marquez and a friend that were trackside on the cool-down lap to congratulate him and give him the gold helmet that Shoei had ready to mark his title, the third one for him in MotoGP.

The way he managed his season was a complete turn-around for Marc Marquez. In 2015 he failed to finish in six races, his do-or-die attitude getting the better of him too often. With the pre-season testing not going too well for the Honda riders, the change of the electronic package mandated by the new rules hurting them more than most, it was a different Marc Marquez that showed up at the first race of 2016.

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Gabit is Asia Supermoto Champion

Muhd. Habibullah Saleh, more popularly known as “Gabit” rode two masterful races to win his first FIM Supermoto Championship.

The weekend had started on a somewhat iffy for Gabit. He had been strong throughout the practice sessions in the precious rounds, having regularly notching the best top-three times, but seemed to lack the pace this weekend, instead, posting the fifth and sixth fastest times and unable to improve beyond 54.100s.

But as Gabit proved, the stopwatch is no match for pure determination.

Lewis Cornish had grabbed the holeshot in Moto 2, followed by Richard Dibben on the inside and Chris Hodgson on the outside. Gabit found a way through into third before the left-handed Turn Three. Chris Hodgson had started lining Gabit for a pass into the corner, coming up Gabit’s left. However, to his and everyone’s horror, he went straight without slowing down, hit the barriers and crashed heavily. A trailing bike hit his helmet. Everyone was relieved when he got up and walked away with a sore wrist.

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Supermoto - Hodgson Tops Qualifying

When it was announced that the 11-time UK Supermoto Champion, Chris Hodgson, will again race in Malaysia, fans looked forward to a master class display of supermoto riding skills. Then when Hodgson’s compatriot, Lewis Cornish confirmed his participation as well, fans knew sparks were going to fly.

The track hewn from the grounds next to the imposing Stadium Shah Alam covers a large area and consists of two long straights, so much so the course marshals set up multiple chicanes in order to keep top speeds down. That had also in effect made the track more balanced to keep some of the more powerful bikes from walking away from the rest of the field, and in essence, turning proceedings over to rider skill and bike setup.

The weather had stayed blazing hot up to mid-afternoon when the heavens opened up for a brief shower. Fortunately, the hot tarmac dried quickly and the dirt section stayed open.

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FIM Asia Supermoto Championship 2016 - Interview Scoreboard Leader Gabit

With the grand finale of FIM Asia Supermoto Championship 2016 creeping up around the corner, we spoke to the Open International Class and Asian Class scoreboard leader, Muhd Habibullah, or better known as #27 Gabit, on his thoughts about the upcoming race.

1. How’s your preparation coming along?

I feel good and ready. I’ve gotten enough practice, my bike is ready, the settings are all dialled in, and it’s in its best condition since Philippine’s race. Now it’s just up to the weather conditions on the actual race day. The weather forecast for this weekend is sees some rain so I have my rain tyres ready, and I’ve also been training for a wet race.

2. Are you doing anything different to prepare for this round compared to the previous rounds?

I’ve gotten a lot more practice this time around on my actual race bike compared to the previous rounds because the motorcycle is usually stored away in the container and I get most of my practice in on a motocross bike. For this round, I’ve gotten my hands on my race bike much earlier and even managed to squeeze in some practice sessions in the rain. We’ve already dialled in the bike’s suspension settings and everything else, so the bike is ready to go. It’s just the sprocket settings that’s left now.

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Yamaha’s bLU cRU Lays the Path for Tomorrow’s Racing Generation

Yamaha’s bLU cRU programme is a platform to support the next generation of young riding talent in both road and off-road racing. The platform creates a safe, professional environment to encourage, nurture and build tomorrow’s racing stars, through the guidance and unparalleled experience of the Yamaha Racing world.

The bLU cRU platform is also represented at the pinnacle of each global racing discipline contested by Yamaha. Yamaha Racing’s top Official riders in MXGP, Enduro, Dakar, WorldSBK, WSS and Endurance have the responsibility of being bLU cRU Ambassadors. These elite racers stand as an example for the young racing generation of tomorrow, upholding key values for racing and manufacturer representation, including performance, education, dedication, respect and health and fitness. Their spirit of success and behaviour in the very visible eyes of both the media and the racing fans sets the standard for the bLU cRU generation of tomorrow.

For young ambitious off-road riders, the YZ125 bLU cRU Cup provides the perfect entry into Yamaha’s racing pyramid. Riders within their National 125 Championships using the Yamaha YZ125 can apply pre-season to be part of the programme. Once accepted, they will be provided with a bLU cRU package with a number of benefits, including Yamaha Racing Paddock Blue clothing, bLU cRU sticker set for their YZ125 machine and more.

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Motorcycle Racing isn't what it used to be

Motorcycle racing never stands still – good job really as that would be most boring!

In a bid to serve up a crowd and TV audience-pleasing spectacle, series owners are constantly trying to find ways to make the action more accessible and more compelling. And, of course, more profitable.

The likes of Dorna (MotoGP and WSB) and MSV (BSB) don’t just organize races for the fun of it. Right now there are some major changes in the motorcycle market that are making race organizers nervous. The most pressing issue seems to be the imminent extinction of the supersport 600 road bike.

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Historical Shah Alam Stadium Hosts FIM Asia Supermoto Championship 2016 Finale!

Round , Shah Alam Stadium, 17 – 18 December 2016. Gates will drop for the FIM Asia Supermoto Championship 2016 series at the world-renowned Shah Alam Stadium on 17 and 18 December 2016 from 9AM – 6PM (+8:00GMT), with over 20 international riders from 14 countries contending for the last time for overall standing and championship title.

Home to Selangor FA and host to countless global concert tours and football competition including the Chelsea FA and Arsenal FA’s friendly match against Malaysia’s national team, the stadium has the capability to hold a capacity of 80,372 audiences. This remarkable moment for the FIM Asia Supermoto Championship will transform its vicinity into a show stunning track to crown the overall champion of the 2016 series.

Satheswaran Mayachandran, CEO of Asia Supersports Group, said that the stadium has its charm and is the perfect venue to host the finale. “Shah Alam Stadium has a strong history and reputation in hosting various international sports and activities. Crowning the championship’s overall champion will be historical for the race.”

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