Metzeler Sportec M-3 tires, What every Bike Needs

Tires make your bike the ride it can be. The Metzeler Sportec M-3 tires, more sport, more tech. Open-class sportbikes have achieved a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio - that is, the most powerful models now make one horsepower per kilogram.

Such remarkable performance makes it increasingly difficult for a tire manufacturer to achieve what Metzeler calls the 'Holy Grail', a sport tire that's sticky yet durable. That's the aim of the new Sportec M-3, which slots between the existing Sportec M-1 and Racetec in Metzeler's sport tire line.

Beyond those seemingly contradictory desires, the M-3's design brief specified a tire that performed the same throughout a single riding session and its entire life cycle, meaning many heat cycles. Thus the front tire was made stiffer to snap into corners quicker, its steel belts were softened to let the tire 'talk' to the rider and its multi-radius profile was smoothed for enhanced stability.

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New Front End for your Bike

With motorcycles, and choppers especially, trying to standout of the crowd more and more people are thinking of changing the front end of there bike.

We looked at a 49mm front end, this beefy 49mm front end can be used on a custom or stock frame. It features large diameter, 4130 chrome molly steel fork tubes that improve steering input, as well as reduce fork tube flex and twist, which is a chronic problem on extended forks using stock diameter tubes.

The fork springs are progressively wound from special silicon wire, which gives a smooth, controlled ride. There's also a build-in lowering kit that allows you to fine-tune the overall length of the front end as well as the fork travel.

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Clutch Play, the Slipper Clutch

Using the clutch lever is one of those tasks you perhaps feared as a beginner, but soon became familiar with. You pull in the lever snick the gearbox into first, give it a little gas, ease out the clutch and roll away As long as you don't stall the engine or wheelie over backward, you go merrily on your way, using the clutch only when you need to change gears, come to a stop or pull away from one.

That's fine for the vast majority of street riders. But if you want to get the most out of your motorcycle, there's a whole another level of clutch play.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your clutch lever is adjusted correctly. You want the engagement point to fall comfortable within the reach of your hand, not too close or too far from the grip. On hydraulic clutches, simply change the setting on the levers thumbwheel adjuster; on cable clutches, vary the amount of free play at the lever or down by the actuator. Be sure not to completely eliminate the free play or the clutch may slip. Your owner's manual will tell you how much play is correct.

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Genuine Yamaha Factory Racing Parts

Yamaha Motor Engineering is devoted to the development and manufacture of YEC Yamaha Racing Parts: high-performance engine and chassis racing parts for the Yamaha YZF-R1 and YZF-R6. Yamaha Motor Engineering, wholly-owned by Yamaha, is the only officially-approved supplier of racing parts for the R-series machines.

Featuring an advanced technical specification, the latest-generation Yamaha R1 and R6 are recognized as being two of the best machines in their respective categories. For 2008 the YEC line-up includes a range of advanced engine and chassis racing parts which are designed to transform these class-leading machines into full-on race bikes which have the potential to win at the very highest level. Yamaha YEC Racing Parts are used by Yamaha's winning superbike, supersport, superstock and endurance teams, and the very same parts that have helped these teams to numerous successes over the years are now available to the non-factory rider.

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Honda Develops HFT, a New Automatic Transmission System for Motorcycles

Honda Motorcycle announced that it has developed the Human-Friendly Transmission (HFT), a new automatic transmission system for motorcycles using Honda's own infinitely variable hydraulic mechanical transmission. Easy to operate, the HFT realizes outstanding relaxed riding comfort, riding feel with direct response and excellent transmission efficiency. The HFT will be installed on the DN-01, a new motorcycle scheduled for market launch to be introduced at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show.

With Honda's own infinitely variable hydraulic mechanical transmission, this HFT realizes the lightweight and compact configuration required for motorcycles. To meet the wide range of rider needs, HFT offers a selection from two fully automatic shifting modes-D mode for ordinary riding and S mode for a sporty riding experience" or the 6-speed manual mode, which gives riders the option of riding with a manual transmission feel.

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Interviewing a Thai Sprocket manufacturer

Wichai Suwankhajit, 35, the Managing Director of D.D. Sprocket (Thailand) Co., Ltd and Sprocket Specialist (Thailand) Co., Ltd., runs one of Southeast Asians leading motorcycle sprocket factory and is regarded to be in the top list of motorcycle spare parts manufacturers in Thailand.

He started in the sprocket manufacturing business about 11 years ago, with a relative small budget, which he saved while working with his fathers construction company. In that time motorcycles where in Thailand a very popular transportation and he was thinking that it was a good idea to start a business to supply motorcycle spare parts.

While researching the market, for information about motorcycle spare parts manufacturers. He was introduced to an established motorcycle sprocket factory what was for sale by one of his friends; Mr. Wichai studied the possible domestic and exports market to analyze the market potential. Mr. Wichai believed that buying an established sprocket factory would create market advantage over building a business from scratch.

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Building a Harley-Davidson Screamin-Eagle Engine

After digging into the inner workings of several big-inch engines over the past several years, we thought it was time to see what Harley-Davidson has to offer. Along with the standard 223.52cm (88inch) Twin-Cam engine that equips most of their 2005 motorcycles, you can have a big-bore of 241.3cm (95inch) or the insane 261.62cm (103inch) stroker engine.

Having said this, we must explain that there are a few rabbit trails that you have to follow to get a big engine from Harley-Davidson.

First, if you want a 241.3cm (95inch) motor, it is only available through the Genuine Parts channel, as parts kit or as separate parts to convert an 223.52cm (88inch) Twin Cam engine. A few years ago, Harley offered these engines in special edition CVO bikes, but as of June 2005, there isn't a production bike available with the big-bore engine.

The engine's increased displacement is arrived at by increased its bore from 3 3/4inches to 3 7/8inches. This can be done by either having your stock cylinder bored out at your local bike shop (which is direct a problem in Thailand) or buying a set of big-bore cylinders from your Harley dealer.

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Motorcycle Loading Ramp

For things with a engine, Thailand is will known for two products around the world, the first is the amount of small motorcycles the second is the quantity of pickup trucks you see, it sometimes looks like everybody has a pickup truck.

Small engine motorcycles or scooters are great for transport in the cities, but are not that comfortable doing intercity travel.

So why not load the motorcycle in the back of the pickup truck, true but even if a small motorcycle doesn't weight as much as there big brothers, they still can be an uncomfortable load to get in the back of the pickup truck.

With two motorcycles in the back, driving upcountry on a highway, which seems endless to European standards.

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Build a Dream Bike

There's an increasing desire among riders to build their own dream bike, which is why we feature this story. And with scores of companies now offering motorcycle kits with a wide range of components and parts, that dream is fast becoming a reality.

While these companies offer a diverse selection of motorcycle kits, which vary from 'batteries included' to rolling chassis, it's easy to see there would be limitless options.

One's dream could easily overshadow what any market could supply.

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