The Dunlop SportSmart2 Max Tire - Radical New Hypersport Tire

The new Dunlop street tires are designed for hypersport motorcycle, the new Dunlop SportSmart2 Max has a radical new front construction for sustained performance and a reduced warm-up time. By reducing deformation at high speeds – especially during lean – durability is improved by a claimed 25 percent.

The new profile of the Dunlop SportSmart2 Max offers lighter handling and more feedback during corner entry, with a reduced tendency to stand up when braking in a turn, along with increased confidence at extreme lean angles.

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Keep Hydrated While Riding your Motorcycle

Whether you’re riding on tarmac of off-road, the constant concentration that’s required and, if you’re green laning, the physical demands put on the body, can be thirsty work. There’s nothing wrong with carrying a few bottles of water in your panniers, but it’s always a bit of a faff to take your helmet off, remove your gloves and then go rooting around for your water if you want a sip.

That’s when hydration packs come in really handy. For those who are thinking ‘what on earth is a hydration pack?’ Put simply it’s a small rucksack that contains a bladder which you fill with water. A hose can then be routed from the bladder to the front of your body, allowing you to easily sip on water while you’re riding, without having to remove your helmet.

As the primary function of a hydration system is to provide you with enough liquid to stave off dehydration, a good pack must satisfy the basic criteria of allowing you to easily take a sip whilst on the move, and have sufficient liquid carrying capacity for whatever riding you have planned. I consider sufficient liquid to be a minimum of two-liters for a normal day’s rail riding or riding on one of the really hot days. Of course, three-liters is even better. More than three-liters starts to become heavy.

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Akrapovic Exhaust Systems Never Compromise

Igor Akrapovic, aged 57, founded Akrapovic in 1991 as a tuning workshop. Unhappy with the quality of exhaust systems available, he started making his own.

Igor Akrapovic explains why his exhaust systems continue to be the most desirable in motorcycling:

It was hard to get on top, but staying there is even harder. But we have managed this feat because of two reasons.

Firstly it’s our huge investment and commitment to development technology and secondly our support over 80 teams and we’re not just there with money and stickers like some of our competitors. We are really pushing to continuously develop the exhaust. And from our huge base knowledge we apply our race technology to the road. Our development and large investment in motorsport helps us to stand our.

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Do Silicone Hoses Actually Make a Decent Difference?

More than just making your motorcycle look cooler, an aftermarket cooling system hose’s job is to better what comes as stock. So just hold fire on ordering that cheap set of cooling system hoses you’re eyeing up…

It’s all about thermodynamics. The idea of a silicone hose is that you replace the standard hose of your cooling system so it doesn’t expand and get hot under pressure. When heat is generated, it expands; water is heated and the hose of your cooling system is there prevent excessive growth as the pressure rises, so your running pressure is reduced.

You brand-new motorcycle, say an Yamaha YZF-R1, has OEM hoses that are brilliant. Manufacturers recommend you replace them every four years as rubber breaks down over a period of time. As the rubber breaks down, it gets softer, so subsequently your engine gets warm, the water expands, the hose expands and pressure inside it reduced.

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The Alpinestars Eloise Air Jacket - Styled for an Optimized Women’s Sport Fit

For a woman, form and function usually need to go hand-in-hand. For me, I like something in the middle. I wanted a jacket that could stand up to weather, impacts, and be comfortable. Alpinestars Eloise Air Jacket has an attractive and comfortable look, plus CE-certified shoulder and elbow protection. The Alpinestars jacket also has compartments for CE-certified Bio Armor for chest and back protectors which are available as accessories.

The Alpinestars Eloise Air Jacket is made from durable advanced 480 denier poly-textile that is double PU coated for durability, abrasion and water resistance.

I am usually between a small and medium. After checking the size charts multiple times, I played it safe and went with the larger size. As soon as it was on, though, I knew it was way too small.

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DEI EXO Series Exhaust Pipe Wrap makes Exhaust Look and Feel Cool

Exhaust systems come in all shapes and sizes. Some come with beautiful heat shields, and others look very basic and uninspiring. Some exhaust systems offer maximum performance right out of the box, while other look good but don’t really do anything.

No matter if you’re looking for freshen up an old set of exhaust pipes or extract maximum performance out of some new ones, exhaust wrap can be a great option. We have an old set of pipes that could use some new life before being mounted up, so we decided to order the latest and greatest in exhaust wrap technology with Design Engineering’s DEI EXO black exhaust wrap.

DEI’s new EXO series exhaust wrap differs fro traditional exhaust wrap tanks to its 304-grade stainless steel exoskeleton is perfect for vehicles with exterior exhaust pipes, like motorcycles, because it provides a high level of abrasion and impact protection to the inner material in addition to the usual heat protection qualities.

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The Denali SoundBOMB Mini - Increase your Horn Volume for Safety

Do you know the feeling that it seems that nobody is hearing you? The Denali SoundBOMB Mini might be small, but it produces a claimed 113 decibels of sound. I fitted the horn to the Yamaha YZF-R3, and the increase in volume compared to the original horn is impressive.

The Denali SoundBOMB horn is quite small and has a stylish look, although you don’t see much of it as it sits neatly between and behind the fairing of the motorcycle in the same place where the original horn used to be.

Instructions are included in the box, but installation is so easy that you might want to skip them. I managed to use the same brackets that were already there, which made things easy. All you need to do is unplug the wires from the old horn, remove it from the bracket, then replace it with the Denali SoundBOMB, attach the screws and plug the wires in.

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The Mitas Sport Force+ Tire - Multi-Purpose Radial Tire

Mitas tires, a name commonly known in the off-road and adventure-bike motorcycle segment. Mitas Tires manufactures and sells tires under three brand names: the companies name Mitas and Cutler and, would you believe it, Continental under license. Mitas has three different production manufacturing locations; in the Czech Republic, Serbia and in the USA.

We were asked to test one of the newest multi-purpose motorcycle tire – the Mitas Sport Force+, claimed to be a new generation of radial tire for riders of sportbikes, naked-bikes, Supermoto / motard and sport touring motorcycles.

The new Mitas Sport Force+ tire is said to be the result of recent development activities, intensive testing and high-end elastomers built into a tire compound. Mitas claim the Sport Force+ boasts superior performance throughout the tire service life by using Strong Carcass Technology (SCT), and that the Mitas Sport Force+ delivers outstanding grip on different road surfaces, temperatures and conditions supported by OGT (3D-Optimum Groove Technology)” ‘Sport Force+ riders will appreciate easy and progressive cornering with maximum control and high-speed stability throughout the tire service life.’

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For 2017, IMU is the Next-Gen in Motorcycle Specs

Not that long ago IMU was a meaningless acronym. Now it’s fast becoming the key tech of 2017. Standing for Inertial Measurement Unit, IMUs are small electronic gizmos that hold the key to a host of next-generation technologies. The first appeared on top-end superbikes but for 2017 the technology is filtering down to much more mainstream models.

Combining accelerometers and gyros, IMUs can measure lean angles and acceleration in various directions – you’ll see them referred to as five-axis, six-axis or even nine-axis IMUs depending on the number of sensors they contain.

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The Kriega Waterproof Messenger Bag

We receive a Kriega Waterproof Messenger bag to review. I’ve been testing it for about a few weeks now and its safe to say the next bag I buy will likely be the Kriega Waterproof Messenger bag. The Kriega Messenger bag has a 16-liter main compartment with a roll-top mouth, a plastic-encased pouch underneath the bag’s flap, and a quick-access side pocket with water-resistant zippers.

It’s also made with durable materials like Cordura, Hypalon and ripstop nylon but still looks stylish enough to wear to work without being mistakes for a sloppy man bag.

Living in Thailand, and at end of the raining season, I’ve had enough opportunities to test how waterproof the Kriega Messenger bag is and it has come up trumps every time. You could almost swim with it. But another standout feature is how comfortable it is on longer rides. The strap, which can be swapped to your right of left side, is padded and contoured so that your shoulder doesn’t hurt when carrying heavy gear, and the quick-adjust buckle makes the bag easy to remove when you’re wearing bulky leathers.

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