Yamaha Looks Back on 500 Grand Prix Wins

Yamaha reached the 500th Grand Prix victory milestone at the Grand Prix de France at the Le Mans Bugatti Grand Prix race circuit. This exceptional achievement is a splendid occasion for Yamaha's racing stars of earlier years to celebrate the highlights of the company's 56-year run in Grand Prix racing.

Yamaha is proud to have reached the 500th Grand Prix milestone today at the Le Mans Bugatti Grand Prix race circuit in France. This achievement has been reached through solid partnership and teamwork within the 'Yamaha family'.

Yamaha secured victories in the 125cc (47 wins), 250cc (165 wins), 350cc (63 wins), 500cc (120 wins), and MotoGP class (105 wins), adding up to 500 Grand Prix wins in total, according to FIM statistics.

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MotoGP Maverick Viñales is Victorious in Le Mans

Yamaha MotoGP rider Maverick Viñales came out fighting, dominating the MotoGP field to take a sensational victory at the Grand Prix de France, sealing Yamaha’s 500th Grand Prix win. Valentino Rossi also showed a blistering pace in the French sunshine at the Le Mans Bugatti Grand Prix race circuit. He was scrapping with his teammate in an epic podium battle for the win, but suffered an unlucky fall on the last lap.

Viñales was strong right from the beginning of the 28-lap French round. Starting from pole, he flew off the line to take the holeshot and slotted into second as he dived into turn 3, behind Johann Zarco. The Spaniard was on the case, shadowed by his teammate. With 22 laps Viñales made a textbook move on the satellite Yamaha rookie to take over the lead.

Now at the front, the Spaniard put the hammer down. He did everything in his power to escape from Zarco. He managed his pace to perfection and made sure he held on to his P1 position until he got in a fierce battle with a rapidly approaching Rossi, but the number 25 rider held firm. He was leading on the last lap, when the Doctor crashed out of the race, allowing him to bring his YZR-M1 over the finish line, 3.134s ahead of his closest rival.

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Motorcycling and the Future

For years, I’ve been laboring the point that motorcycle design and technology follows that of cars. And often with a lag of many years. The finances of the motorcycle industry are very little compared to the automobile world, which is why for many years the two arguably most innovative two-wheel companies are Honda and BMW. Both have car divisions that can bankroll their less profitable motorcycle siblings, and cross-pollinate a whole bunch of technology that they could otherwise simply not afford.

It’s also why I was one of the few who openly applauded Audi’s takeover of Ducati. And me, a 1098owner, no less. Has Ducati lost its Italian flair in the interim, as everyone feared? Nope. But their financial is certainly more secure.

Well, despite this inspired wisdom on motorcycle hand-me-downs, things might be about to change. Road transportation is at a turning point, after which, cars are going to be very different beasts than the ones we’ve grown up with. Some of the latest car design studies have no windows, because nobody will need to see where they’re going. Afew interiors offer swiveling seats around a central table, so the occupants can have a business meeting, or share in a friendly family environment while hurting down the highway. One recent BMW study featured bookshelves no less, illustrating the company’s confidence in accident-free autonomous motoring.

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The 2017 Honda X-ADV Scooter or Crossover Motorcycle

Honda combining its expertise in adventure bikes and scooters, the new Honda X-ADV crossover motorcycle is the brainchild of Italian Honda designer Daniele Lucchesi, whose aim was to take an easy-to-ride, nimble and frugal city commuter, give it some genuine back road ability and throw in a hint of off-road potential for good measure.

After some initial hesitation, Honda finally gave the green light for the project, and the first crossover motorcycle or adventure scooter, whichever way you want to look at it was born. It sounds outlandish, but in a way it makes a lot of sense: if you can have practicality and ability in the same package then why not? But is it a motorcycle or a scooter, and most importantly, what’s it like to ride?

It takes a while for me to take it all in as I stand and stare at the Honda X-ADV. It’s not only the concept of a crossover motorcycle that needs some processing, it’s also all the detail jumping out and demanding your attention. The angular, almost origami-like design has so many surfaces and intricate details that you could look at the motorcycle for hours. The build quality is just superb; every panel and component joins together with incredible accuracy.

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14 New BMW Motorcycles Confirmed for 2018

Herald Kruger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW Motorrad, used his 2017 interim report to announce that there will be 14 new models in the next year and that customers will be able to choose between a ‘wide range of different drive trains’.

Now, before you get very excited, many of these will be small updates for Euro4 exhaust emission rules, or existing motorcycles that we already know about which have not yet made it to showrooms – like the BMW K1600 Bagger, which is now classed as a 2018 model.

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The 2019 E-MotoGP - Racing Electric Motorcycles Alongside MotoGP

MotoGP could be going electric in just over two years, with a series planned to run alongside the established three classes at selected events from 2019.

Plans are still at a formative stage, and the current outline is for something of a novelty series – but Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta has now confirmed talks are already in progress with more than one interested supplier. Some reports suggest as many as four manufacturers are interested, but Ezpeleta has confirmed that it will be a one-make series with identical machines.

One aspect of the plan that has filled the paddock with doubt is Ezpeleta’s assertion that the riders will be drawn from MotoGP and Moto2 classes. Teams reacted with surprise at the notion that they would be prepared to release contracted riders to take part in an inevitably risky novelty race.

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The Honda Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 - User Friendly Bobber-Style

Honda’s commitment to bringing new riders into the motorcycle fold has never been more evident. From its lovable MSX125 to the commuter-centric NC750X, Honda’s rang of novice-friendly models cover the gamut. Now, Honda aims to stroke the fire of the young and restless with its all-new 2017 Honda Rebel 300 and Rebel 500, a pair of bobber-style models with a cool minimalistic look and attractive price.

Both Honda Rebel models share identical styling and chassis components. A low 690mm seat height, mid-mount foot pegs, and low-rise handlebar – all providing a balance of style and control. Backing out of a parking stall is light duty, as is low-speed maneuvering. Handling is light and neutral with easy turn-in feel and a very good sense of stability. Cornering clearance is adequate for a bit of spirited play but grounded in cruiser roots when pushing the pace.

Ride compliance proved up to the task of soaking up some of Bangkok’s more battered roads, and the 43mm forks offer good support under hard braking. The brakes provide ample stopping power with intuitive feel with the ABS, though a longish reach to the nonadjustable clutch and brake levers may prove a stretch for youthful and female hands.

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The Michelin Power RS Sportbike Tire Available

Michelin has released its all-new Power RS sport road tire that is said to be 3.5 seconds faster per lap than its Pilot Power 3 predecessor while offering better dry-weather grip and stability than its rivals. These include the Bridgestone S21, Continental Sport Attack 3, Dunlop SportSmart 2, Metzeler M7RR and Pirelli Diablo Rosso III.

Developed over two-year period and featuring two new patents, the Michelin Power RS is a premium sport tire that is primarily intended for road use while handling the occasional track day. It is positioned below Michelin’s track-focused Power Cup Evo and also replaces the SuperSport Evo tire.

The Michelin Power RS features dual-compound technology whereby soft and hard compounds are overlaid – including on the front tire for a quicker turn-in – with a softer compound on the shoulders for more grip when leaned over.

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The Berik Force Race Suit - Leather Motorcycle Racing Suit

Leather motorcycle suit. If you ever want to feel like a real motorcyclist, bung on a set of Berik Force Race suit. Yep, you’re almost a famous MotoGP racer immediately. Except for that weird hump at the back, the way they nibble incessantly at your nuts and you have to stand like you have a ray in your hands due to the way the arms are cut to be in the right position when in a racer crouch.

Yeah, you come down to earth pretty quickly. But they do look very cool, and when your toilet region gets back to its regular shape, well, there’s a rough chance someone will want to get to know it. Yes, a leather motorcycle racing suit is sexy.

Of course, it ain’t all about that. Fact is, if you are going anywhere near a track without having a motorcycle suit, well, run out the front with a crayon and draw a big line down the middle of the road. See how the crayon is diminished in size and eventually no longer there? That’s you when it comes to abrasion if you come off at speed.

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The Moto Guzzi Audace - Immense Road Presence

The first thing you notice when looking at the Moto Guzzi Audace is that it has immense road presence. There is no way it can be missed. It is audible and has magnetism in its appearance.

The most important desigh element in any cruiser is its engine. Of it’s not substantial and beautiful enough, it can ruin the whole style completely. A cruiser’s engine is its brawn and its heart at the same time. And it is all the more prominent in the Moto Guzzi Audance.

The transverse mounted V-twin engine with the two cylinders protruding at either side is Audace’s biggest visual impact and there’s no two ways about it. This arrangement makes everything else big and wide as well. The fuel tank has to be wide enough to heep the proportions right. When everything is put together, the front-half of the Moto Guzzi Audace looks big and wide, highlighting its mechanical beauty. The drag-bar handlebar and shorter mudguards add muscularity to the design.

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