The BMW HP4 Race Launched - The Carbon-Fiber Revolution

BMW shocked everyone at the last EICMA motor show in Milan when it unveiled the carbon-framed HP4 Race. Now, a few months later, BMW has revealed the production version – and it’s everything we’d hoped for.

BMW Thailand didn’t want to tell us the price, but outside Thailand the BMW HP4 Race Carbon will go for about 3.2 million THB and with only 750 examples on offer, only a few of which are heading to South East Asian countries, it’s a showy demonstration of BMW’s technical prowess, with the carbon-fiber chassis as its centerpiece. But the firm’s commitment to carbon construction is such that this could well be a precursor to more mainstream road-going models.

BMW is pioneering three new carbon construction techniques in the HP4 Race.

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MotoGP - Rossi Clinches Second Place at Circuit of The Americas

Yamaha MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi secured a superb second place at the Circuit of The Americas (COTA). Teammate Maverick Viñales was on the move in the early stages, but a slide down the track in lap 2 prevented him from completing the race.

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP's Valentino Rossi showed an impressive pace in the Grand Prix of The Americas to claim his third consecutive podium finish of the season. Teammate Maverick Viñales was looking confident, but his race ended prematurely 20 laps before the end.

Rossi was strong out of the gates and settled into third position exiting the first corner. He chased Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa in the opening laps, careful not to let them clear off into the distance.

With 15 laps to go the Italian went wide in the first corner and got into a scrap with Johann Zarco. After a touch between the two Yamaha riders in turn 4, the Doctor was pushed wide, but he quickly rejoined the track and held on to third position.

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Getting a Old Honda CB400 Back on the Road

A friend of us runs a successful motorcycle repair shop and does general servicing. His bread and butter is servicing anything with two-wheels regardless the engine size. He loves it when non-abused Honda Wave or similar motorcycles come in for their annual services. What he does not live is elderly Japanese four-cylinders coming in with a string of problems, with multiple causes and a big bad dark cloud hanging over parts availability.

Personally we love nursing an ailing old Japanese gem back into good health and loathe working on bland modern big bike commuters, so when our friend had a problematic Honda CB400/4 he asked the customer if he would be happy with hiring some external experts, who were more geared up for errant classics. Of course we never will call ourselves experts regarding an old CB400/4s…

The elderly diminutive Honda four-cylinder had various medical complaints, but the most frustrating was its inability to start and run, making it paramount for us to collect it in one of our pickup trucks. Oddly, I had never ridden an Honda CB400/4 this old and that wasn’t about to change unless we could figure out what was wrong with it.

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Honda and Yamaha Get Ready for Three-Wheeler Competition

Honda and Yamaha are preparing to go head-to-head in a completely new field as patents reveal both Honda and Yamaha are readying new leaning three-wheelers based on some of their most popular motorcycles.

Yamaha already makes the Tricity scooter and has shown several other concepts including the 01Gen, 03Gen-F and 03Gen-X. Most importantly, in 2015 it revealed the MWT-09 – a concept motorcycle that was a step closer to reality, being largely grounded in readily – available MT-09 parts including that motorcycle’s 847cc triple-cylinder engine and even its swingarm.

Now several patents have emerged that appear to show near-production versions of the Yamaha MT-09, including a second, unfaired derivative.

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The Shark D-Skwal Helmet - Fun-Looking Helmet

There’s some funky helmet designs out there from superheroes to Star Wars characters, so in the scheme of things the Shark D-Skwal with the Saurus graphics isn’t too outrageous. It’s a perfect mix of cool looks and a hint of restraint – I love it!

The Shark D-Skwal is the most fun-looking motorcycle helmet I’ve had in years, but it dinosaurs or the apocalypse don’t really do it for you, the Shark D-Skwal helmet does come in various colors and graphics.

Under the graphics, the Shark D-Skwal helmet is a mid-range product, offering a good amount of features. The Pinlock visor is large, giving a good wide aperture, and guaranteeing the visor won’t fog up; it attaches to the helmet with a push/pull quick-release mechanism, which helps with cleaning everything properly.

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Get Back on Your Motorcycle After a Crash

You’ve crashed your motorcycle and your confidence has taken a hit. You want to get back on your motorcycle and ride again, but you’re hesitant and nervous. What if it happens again?

First, take a deep breath. Many riders have crashed and have gotten back on their motorcycles, even after considerable injuries and physical challenges. Realize that these feelings are normal. Second, you don’t have to just ‘suck it up and deal with it/’ You riding friends may tell you to just get over it and ride as soon as possible, and may try to convince you that your confidence will come right back with seat time and practice. But it’s just not that simple.

While many believe that your confidence will magically return once you get on the motorcycle, or that just the act of riding will sweep away the bad experience and that you will be right back with the confidence you had before – that isn’t the case. Specific things need to happen in order for you to ride confidently after a crash. Most important is understanding exactly what went wrong. Why did you crash?

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BMW April Fools Day Joke Maybe Real

On April Fools’ Day BMW took several scalps with a fake press release presenting an xDrive Hybrid R1200GS, with an electrically-driven front wheel. Of course there’s no such motorcycle – but it looks like something very similar might be in the pipeline.

It’s not clear whether it has a coincidence or part of an elaborate double-bluff, but just days before BMW sent out its dummy press release, a genuine patent application titled ‘Motorcycle with an electrically driveable front wheel’ was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It’s owner? BMW.

It would be unimaginable for the firm to go to the extent of writing an filing a complete patent application simply to bolster a fleeting, one-day joke. Not least because the slow-turning wheels of the patent system mean the document was actually first filed back in September 2015.

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2017 MotoGP Review After Two Races

Incredibly, the only factory MotoGP bikes to score any points in the Argentina race were the Yamaha’s of Maverick Vinales and Valentino Rossi and the brand new Red Bull KTMs of Bradley Smith and Pol Espargaro, as Ducati, Honda, Suzuki and Aprilia all crashed out or failed to finish.

Yet it wasn’t down to track conditions or tires, as the weekend saw the lowest number of crashes over a Grand Prix weekend since records began, with only 30 fallers across all three classes.

So what caused it all to go so wrong for the factory teams? Quite simply, pressure. MotoGP has never ever been as competitive as it currently is, as demonstrated by an incredible showing from staelite bikes, a whole host or riders at the front, and six manufacturers battling it out for top honors.

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The New Shark Ridill Full-Face Helmet

New from Shark Helmets is the Ridill a top quality full face helmet that won’t cost that much. As expected, you’ll find all the great features like Micro-Lock Buckle system allowing for quick removal of the chin strap. It also accommodates for riders who wear glasses with a much larger interface between the glasses and helmet.

Also included in addition to the anti-scratch UV380 label sun visor is the quick release visor system with 2.2mm ultra flexible and resistant visor with the original customizable pin-lock visor adjustability. Although probably one of the best features is how light the Shark Ridill helmet is, weighing in at only 1550 grams.

The outer-shell is manufactured from injected thermoplastic resin, and the inner-lining is washable.

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The New Honda V4 Superbike - Evidence Growing

Every few days the amount of evidence supporting Honda’s new V4-engined superbike is growing, and two further patents can now be added to that bulging file.

The latest publications show, in some detail, a new three-part frame design that differs notably from earlier versions.

Before, the most detailed patent applications illustrated a Ducati Panigale-style monocoque chassis, a cast-alloy seat subframe bolted to the V4’s rear cylinder head, and a third cast section connecting the swingarm pivot point to the engine.

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