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To all those whom may be interested and those who can offer help,

I am an Australian citizen and am very interested in importing some classic/vintage bikes into Australia. I was in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and could help notice how many classic bikes from old Hondas to who knows what. There was a huge range in the quality of these bikes from street legal to barely held together!!

Does anyone know where one goes about buying these bikes?? I am interested in importing them and then reselling them in Australia..

Any help/advice would be much appreciated,




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By: Anonymous: Bikezy ()  Tuesday, 04 January 2011 @ 08:12 PM ICT  

Agreed there are a lot of Vintage bikes in and around Far East given its history with the Western countries but note that these countries have a very high moisture rate and salt in the air. This makes the metal weak and brittle. For all intents and purposes the bike you buy will head straight to dump yard the moment you import it. I imported an old Triumph to Dubai few years ago and no amount of money will bring it back to life. Even the pistons were rusted. All I could do was cosmetize it and put it as a display piece. Do give it a try but I'd strongly advise not to.

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