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Does anyone have a Parts Manual For a Thai Boxer 200R? I bought a Pair, one has 800 Km's on the clock the other needs some work. So I am going to strip it and use the 200R in my Custom Chopper/Bobber. Replacing the delicate Suzuki 2T motor.

My wife will be sooo Happy she wont have to smell a Blend of Castrol/Avgas and 95 Octane exhaust. I wondered why she would for 35+ years never go to the Pits, after they started running the Classes. I spent over 35 yrs employed by Mercury Outboards Racing Factory Tunnels. I raced OZ Unlimited, Mod 120, 120SST, Mod VP etc... The last time I ever remember her coming into the Pits was in 1988 when I Blew an OZ Unlimited over (Running a sprint hull in a Marathon 6 hr race. Half way thru leading by 2 laps In East St. Louis

I Kite'd a Tunnel gaining a height of over 200' before it dumped me out. I got hit by the Motor as the Boat came apart. She was on the Ramp waiting for me. For those who don't know a Sprint Boat is 14-16' carries 10 gallon fuel built for 3 sets of 3-4 laps and a Marathon Hull is 18-21' in length, carries 40 gallon Fuel and built for Timed Races, could be anywhere from 4hrs. to 8hrs. Reason I was in Sprint hull, My Marathon Hull never showed up in time for me to compete thus I had to run farther outside everyone else to stay in fairly decent water conditions.

Thus I was burning a lot more fuel then anyone else, so instead of pitting 8 times I was in for fuel 10-11 times an hour. The next ear they put a limit on the amount of fuel allocated for each Teams Boat. Literally killing the Use of Small Hulls in Races over 4hrs. I did this because I was 2 points away from Points leader. The race was half over so I ended up with 2 things... I won the Race, and I won 6 months in the Hospital, and a year and a Half rehabilitating....

Sorry, I almost forgot... This is Christmas Eve.... So Merry Christmas everyone and have a Safe New Year's! I am to old to be Politically Correct... Just want everyone to be Blessed!!




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