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I cannot find a dealer who has a decent mechanic. I have a problem with starting on the bike. I am convinced that the problem is electronic/fuel injection related. The mechanic at the only SYM dealer says it's valves. I don't believe this. Once the bike is started... it runs fine. If it had a valve problem it would not run well. The mechanic refuses to put the bike onto the SYM trouble code reader because there is not "check engine" light on the dashboard. For all I know, that light could be burned out. I know this mechanic well. If I force him to put it on the trouble code reader and there is a problem.... he will deny it because admitting it would cause him to lose face. This is ridiculous.... but it's absolutely true. Any advice?

By: news (offline)  Saturday, 29 July 2017 @ 08:14 PM ICT  

I have to admit that I have not much knowledge about Sym dealers in the high-north of Thailand. But with the little I know I can remember they had 2 or 3 dealers in the high north of Thailand.

Maybe you can let somebody who can read and speak Thai call a few of them…

(the link looks a bit funny but it works)



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