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Help: I have a triumph rocket 111 in the uk that I would love to get legal in Thailand. My bike is 12 years old now and will be 14 years old by the time I am ready to do it. Nobody talks about how the value of the vehicle is calculated so that I can work out how much I would pay using the list of calculations. At present my bike is worth about. £ 5000.00 in the uk .

This will probably be about £ 4000.00 by the time I need to export it. Many people talk about discount rates for older bikes . Is the value worked out on the new bike price ? . Which in this case it would not be worth doing. Or is it worked out on the actual present day value of the bike?.

In the case of the actual value being true it would be a good possibillity to make it happen. The emissions is not a problem as the bike has only done 22,000 miles from new . Just in case it makes a difference the rocket has an engine of 2,300 cc .any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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The official Thai government statement is that the import of used motorcycles is not possible. You can still import one vehicle, which could be a motorcycle.

The major problem is that you need a import permit for the imported motorcycle, and the government departments involved do not want to issue them. It is a major nightmare and something I would never advise anybody to do…

Previously, a few years ago, the rules were much less strict and if you tried to import a used motorcycle without a import permit you needed to pay a fine of 1000 THB (little over 25 Euro) – but currently not import permit means you cannot import the motorcycle… You will be presented with a few options, send it back (or forward it to another destination on your cost, keep in storage until you get the needed documents which you likely will never get…) Some say that they could also pay under the table a undisclosed amount of money to get the bike into Thailand… (we have no experience with this).

Even if you get by some miracle the motorcycle into Thailand, it is not a guarantee that the motorcycle will pass the Roadworthy and Environmental test which is needed to get Thai registration papers and license plates. People find it sometimes hard to believe but Thailand has very strict exhaust emission standards which are sometimes referred to as Euro 3+ as they are very similar to the Euro III standard but for some parts are they more strict therefore the +

From experience I can tell that a relatively new BMW motorcycle imported from Europe, could not pass the Thai exhaust emission test. The engine needed a firmware upgrade, but BMW Thailand was not helpful as they have a policy of not servicing ‘grey’ / privately imported motorcycles.



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Sell the bike in the UK and buy a motorcycle in Thailand. For the money you can buy a nice motorcycle here.

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