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The other day i turned on the choke and started up my Mio and revved it as I normally do while starting. It started right up and acted normal. I gave it 30 seconds to warm up and flipped the choke off and away I went. Only to find that the throttle got stuck fully open regardless of where the handle throttle was positioned. I turned right around and went back home and got into my car. I have not taken a look at it yet, but, was planning on using some WD-40 type stuff to lube up around the throttle cable. Am I heading towards disaster with this plan? Has anybody heard of this issue before? Everything worked fine the night before (it rained that night and did get colder than normal). Maybe the cold weather made it stick for some reason? Anyways, if anybody has any insight, I would very much appreciate you sharing it with me.

Thank you kindly,


By: news (offline)  Wednesday, 19 April 2017 @ 11:35 AM ICT  

Hello Steven,

A throttle cable that doesn’t automatic shuts when you let go of the twist grip is very dangerous.

Your idea to use WD-40 will probably work but most of the time, when a throttle cable doesn’t work properly it’s extremely dirty and very likely corroded/rusted. With the prices of a new throttle cable for a Yamaha Mio I would not take the chance of the problem recurring at the worst possible time, so replace the cable and take some better care of your cables.

Read our article about throttle ‘cables’ maintenance here Throttle Maintenance. Your idea of using WD-40 is not a bad idea, as the name WD-40 stands for “Water Displacement” and being the 40th formula… Of course you also have dedicated cable lubrication which is advised by manufacturers...



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