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I now need to wear glasses for riding, but my existing glasses – the normal bent-over-the-ear type – are very awkward to get through the gap between my head and the helmet’s liner.

What kind of glasses are best: straight arms or flexible frames?

By: news (offline)  Saturday, 25 March 2017 @ 07:27 PM ICT  

Straight-armed type glasses are the best, but they need to be tough to withstand going into a helmet everyday. The type of helmet can make a real difference, as some are much more accommodating of glasses than others.

Conventional hook-behind-the-ear glasses can be fine, too, once you get the knack. You slip them into the helmet at an angle and roll them over the ears as you slide them up your nose. The helmet makes even more of a difference here, though.

Before swapping glasses, just check that it’s not cheaper to change the motorcycle helmet – especially if you’ve had your helmet for four or five years, as it will be nearing the end of its life anyway. It’s worth going to a shop where they know their stuff and can help you find the right motorcycle helmet to work with you glasses.



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