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I want to know if the Yamaha Tricity 155 will be launched in Thailand, if so when will it be available at the dealers?

By: news (offline)  Sunday, 12 February 2017 @ 09:10 AM ICT  

It’s very likely that the Yamaha Tricity 155 will be launched in Thailand, but when this will happen depends on a few factors.

First the Yamaha Tricity 155 is manufactured in Thailand, and was first launched September 2016 in the European market. The second market that is on the list is Japan.

While the Yamaha Tricity 155 is a global model, and will eventually be available in many countries around the world under the promotional Yamaha slogan “The Growing World of Personal Mobility”… most countries like Thailand have to wait until the sales in other regions / countries slows down.

Yamaha has set the production capacity for the Tricity 155 at 8,500 units per year for worldwide market. Which is not much units if you compare it to a scooter like the Yamaha Aerox155 which has a set production capacity of 270,000 units per year (for the ASEAN market alone).



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