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Hello everybody,

I have a BMW R1200GS and mainly ride to two small towns in northeast Thailand, very rural and most road I ride are unpaved. I’m looking for a set of tires that will fit my riding style, but most tires I look at are to much road orientated. And full off-road motocross tires are also not what I’m looking for.

Anybody any ideas?

With kind regards,


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Hello Ronald,

One good tire is the Mitas E-07 which is basically a 50/50 (on-road/off-road) tire and works very good, even if you occasionally have to travel some distance on the tarmac. So time back we looked at the Mitas E-07 Adventure Bike Tires.

Mitas has also announced new size availability and improved construction for its E-10 dual-sport tires, with new 120/70-B19 and 170/60-B17 sizes to fit popular large adventure bikes, such as your BMW R1200GS.

The Mitas E-10 tire is designed for 30-percent on-road and 70-percent off-road use, with large knobs and excellent self-cleaning properties. The aggressive tread pattern offers stability and control in off-road terrain, yet provides stable turn-in on pavement.

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The Mitas E-10 tire



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