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I live in Norway.
I bought a CB650F 2016 restricted version. (48hp) after i talked to my dealer and the importer company i found out that i can derestrict it but i cant get approved papers from Honda to do so. Since the frame number says its for restricted only, i would loose my warranty if i did this.

Is this a fact or is it some bs my dealer has come up with?

By: ThaiDesign (offline)  Monday, 26 December 2016 @ 11:56 PM ICT  

The performance restriction for the Honda CB650F are controlled by the ECU (Engine Control Unit), to remove the engine restriction you can remove the restriction by modifying the ECU… This way is often not works well and is very undocumented and yes you loose Honda warranty.

The second choice is to order a new ECU from Thailand, you get full 86 horsepower… and when you need a warranty claim you just change the old ECU back… Which involves a few screws and bolts and a few connectors, but is something somebody can do with little mechanical skill… Honda will never be able to say you un-restricted the motorcycle and have no warranty claim. They can only say that the kilometers on the dash doesn’t match the ECU… and you can easily dismiss that as you have some problems that the motorcycle sometimes displays strange kilometer and speed readings…. And suggest they look into that to fix it…

The third option is a aftermarket fueling modifying system, like the Power Commander or something likely… they probably still have some restrictions of the original ECU signals and you probably not get the full potential of your CB650F. But it’s possible that the ECU leaves traces that the engine revved beyond factory specifications, not takes a rocket scientist to figure out that you used a fuel-map modifying tool like a Dynojet Power Commander to do that… So again very likely no Honda Warranty...

Of course two is better than one, Thai ECU with Dynojet Power Commander give you probably the best performance.



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By: news (offline)  Tuesday, 27 December 2016 @ 12:22 AM ICT  

Hello Haakon,

While Norway, is not a member of the European Union, a lot of European rules apply in your country, one is the drivers license for motorcycles limited to the horsepower of a scooter or motorcycle.

For instance if you buy a Honda CB650F restricted version you get it a good amount cheaper than the unrestricted version. While the only real difference is some firmware uploaded to the ECU. Also the end-can of the exhaust is often different on restricted motorcycles as it makes sense to make two two identical motorcycles sound different.

In the UK (Storbritannia) as example it is possible that a person who have an entry level driver license buys a restricted motorcycle and progress to the next level drivers license and can “unlock” his motorcycle at the dealer… He needs to apparently show his new level of drivers license….

In Thailand we have only one drivers license, you can do your riding test on a 115cc scooter, pay 150 THB (just over 3 EURO) and some pictures, and leave the Department of Road Transport on a Suzuki Hayabusa without breaking any law… (if it’s a registered and insured motorcycle).



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By: Anonymous: norway ()  Wednesday, 25 October 2017 @ 03:39 AM ICT  

is it possible to buy the unrestricted ecu online from thailand? if so, can someone please post a link? :-)

By: Anonymous: Guest ()  Wednesday, 25 October 2017 @ 08:09 PM ICT  

Quote by: norway

is it possible to buy the unrestricted ecu online from thailand? if so, can someone please post a link? :-)

Norway, before you buy another ECU you should ask your dealer how the restriction is done. In Germany the same thing is done in case of A2-License and this is 100% mechanical, the ECU is never touched.
Also it is important to keep in mind, that with another ECU the HISS might not work no more and so the engine maybe doesn't start anymore, so be careful.
And the word about the Powercommander: This is NO solution for this!

By: Anonymous: norway ()  Wednesday, 25 October 2017 @ 09:13 PM ICT  

The dealer told me that there is no mechanical restrictions on 2016 +
only electronic, so i guess the only way is to buy a new ecu(?)

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