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You should be aware that Harley Davidson recently established a legal entity in Rayong, Thailand and purchased a large plot of land.

Harley Davidson's intention is to build a factory that will produce up to 100,000 motorbikes a year when fully operational. In fact, construction has already commenced.

This project is deemed confidential within the company as Harley Davidson expects strong reaction from the US unions when this is finally announced.

Harley Davidson's objective is to build products within the ASEAN region and thus avoid the high customs duties and tariffs levied by many member countries.

All types of motorbikes will be built at this factory. Thus, the production at its US factories will need to be scaled back.

We would suggest you confirm these facts with Harley Davidson management and then evaluate the impact on its future bike prices and regional operations. Why buy a bike now when prices will surely come down!

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I guess it’s not a secret anymore… Also production of 100,000 motorcycles a year from the newly set up factory in Rayong. That’s a lot of motorcycles, especially if you take into consideration that Harley-Davidson already has a production facility in India. Also the best selling big bike company in Thailand, Kawasaki sells only a few thousand units per model in Thailand per year.



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