By: Anonymous: Josef ()  Sunday, 27 November 2016 @ 08:36 AM ICT (Read 253 times)  

I for one am very excited at the prospect of a new wave of sub-500cc motorcycles becoming available. Being of advancing years, I have been motorcycling since I was 16, I am not as strong as I was, so a new motorcycle in the 300cc to 400cc range would suit me well.

The new BMW G310R or R310GS look appealing, also the Kawasaki Versys-X 300 and the Suzuki V-Strom 250, and maybe even the Benelli TNT300S. Of course I’m also considering a more traditional motorcycle like the Honda CB300F or Kawasaki Z300, but the riding position is a bit of a concern.

Anyway, 300 to 400cc is more than enough, we do not all need 150 horsepower to satisfy u – been there, done that My world revolves at a more sedate pace these days.


By: news (offline)  Sunday, 27 November 2016 @ 01:01 PM ICT  

Hello Josef,

I recently also rediscovered how much fun it can be to ride a small-capacity motorcycle, you can get anywhere in Bangkok in time no matter the traffic. With a 1000cc sportbike you’re often also trapped in traffic,

Riding outside Bangkok, the fuel consumption is like the speed low, but I really got that feeling of motorcycling again.

For riding in Bangkok I can even recommend a 125 to 200cc motorcycle, but if you also want to explore a bit more of Thailand you best go for a 250 to 400cc.

Not so long ago we also receive a story by email from Graham who also bought a small-capacity “200cc” motorcycle… If you want to read it Motorcycling Fun without Headache



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