By: Anonymous: TTX ()  Thursday, 17 November 2016 @ 04:38 PM ICT (Read 195 times)  

I want to rebuild my motorbike engine and my garage is full of crap that my wife collects and trades with others. There is barely room for my motorcycle that I ride daily. I had the house before we were married and the garage was always used to keep and maintain my bike and car; shit I can’t even see the bench or tool box anymore.

We have a spare room she uses as an office to do all of this. How do I get her to find another place for her crap and get my garage back?


By: Nun (offline)  Thursday, 17 November 2016 @ 06:15 PM ICT  

Hello TTX,

This may call for drastic measures and may cause a bit of disruption to your relationship. I suggest you take a day off of work and when your wife isn’t home, dig out all your tools, bench and parts from the garage. Remember to put all of her things back as neatly as you can, then strategically place all of your parts and tools in the living room and begin your mock-up right about the time she gets home. When she starts squawking, remember all of this is your fault for not claiming your territory or as I like to call it, making your spot.

Calmly let her know that you had nowhere else to do it and then volunteer to put storage in her office for her stuff so you can move back into the garage. You are off to a rough start but you can and will redeem yourself if you follow the advice, otherwise you’re screwed and you ought to consider buying or renting another shed to live in...



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