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I am planning to buy a motorcycle. Should I get the KTM RC390 or something relaxed and torquey like the Royal Enfield Continental GT?

Well, I know that the KTM RC390 is an unapologetic race bike. I know that performance wise, the KTM RC390 is far ahead of the Royal-Enfield Continental GT, but I’ve still got a soft corner for the Continental GT. My problem with the Continental GT is that I have to stoop a little to grip the handlebars. Will it hurt or cause any backpain over long hours in he saddle?

Second, the Royal-Enfield Continental GT is more a single seater. However, I need to install a pillion seat or an elongated flat single seat. Moreover, I want to add a rear luggage carrier and pillion footpegs. How easy it will be to relocate and change the seat with the luggage carrier?

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Talking about two completely different motorcycles. We think that the KTM RC390 gives you more bang for the money. But then the Royal-Enfield Continental GT is super cool and retro. End of the day, the decision is yours. As for your other concerns, we’ve ridden the Continental GT over long distances. While it might not be the most comfortable motorcycle, it is manageable.

Royal-Enfield does sell a flat seat and pillion footpegs as option, so nothing to worry about that. As far as we know, there isn’t a rear luggage carrier, but if you want to carry luggage, any saddle bag designed for upswept exhausts will work just fine. Maybe the SW-Motech Legend Gear saddlebag is something you could consider.

The KTM RC390 cost in Thailand 214,000 THB, what is pretty high. The Honda CBR500R for example cost 215,000 THB and has much more service locations nationwide. If you want to stay with a 300 ~ 400cc motorcycle, the Yamaha YZF-R3 cost around 185,000 THB or a Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS which cost 182,500 THB.

The Royal-Enfield Continental GT cost in Thailand around 280,000 THB, as alternative you could also look at the Ducati Scrambler Icon Sixty2 which cost 282,000 THB.



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By: Anonymous: Pinkdee ()  Friday, 30 September 2016 @ 06:13 PM ICT  

Why not buy a Honda CBR300R it sells for 135000 baht

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