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What is so special about the BMW G310R with the fuel intake at the front of the engine?

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The engine of the BMW G310R actually rotate backwards. This gives a gyroscopic effect which pushes the front wheel down on the road surface while revving the engine in acceleration.

When an engine runs forward, like on most motorcycles, its crankshaft rotates the same way as the wheels, thus adding to the gyro effect, which makes it more difficult to turn into a corner or change direction.

For BMW engineers the obvious way to reduce gyro effect was to reverse the direction of engine rotation, so the reverse-rotating crank reduces the total gyro effect created by the fast-spinning wheels.

The benefits on the dynamics of the BMW G310R are significant, the motorcycle will turn quicker and change direction faster. This are huge considerations on modern high performance motorcycles, The reverse-rotating engine also reduces wheelies, because the crankshafts torque reaction pushes the front wheel down during acceleration, rather than lifting it like it does on a Honda CBR300R or Kawasaki Ninja 300



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