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I read that a group of motorcycle travelers is stuck at the Cambodian ā€“ Thai border and cannot enter Thailand with their motorcycles. Apparently the rules for temporarily importing a motorcycle into Thailand has changed and it now requires a guarantee from the embassy of the country the motorcycle is registered and the Temporarily Import Permit can only be obtained by visiting the head office of the Department of Land Transport in Bangkok.

How can somebody stuck at the Thai ā€“ Cambodian border comply with this new rules? By the way Iā€™m Swiss and already have a letter from the Swiss Embassy, but no luck with the Thai people in charge

By: news (offline)  Sunday, 03 July 2016 @ 02:04 PM ICT  

The new rules for temporarily import are currently a bit confusing, we sure that in time we will see little companies that will assist people that want to enter Thailand on a motorcycle. You send copies of your documents to this companies and they will apply for you for the temporarily import permit.



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