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Anyone stumbled across the power output figures for a PCX generator. I've looked in the owners manual in the Downloads section but it is not mentioned.

Maybe "News" can help?

Someone on another forum wishes to know how much power is available to run additional electrical load. Not just Satnav and phone charging from the accessory socket.

Is there enough power to run say a heated vest some gloves and a couple of addition driving lights.


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By: news (offline)  Thursday, 18 February 2016 @ 03:29 PM ICT  

Honda recommend that you not drain more than 12V – 5Ah, what is also the specifications of the battery. On the other hand the first main fuse is 10 A and the second main fuse is even 20 A, and you also have 4x 10 A fuses…

Sadly even in the Thai service training manual, or the Service Manual can I find anything about the maximum electric power output figures….

You maybe want to look at Install a 12V Cigarette Lighter Outlet on your Motorcycle in the Vespa modify clubs you probably can find who sells them in Bangkok….



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