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What can anyone tell me about the Honda NSR150 and NSR250 Bikes and Engines?




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By: news (offline)  Tuesday, 02 February 2016 @ 07:43 AM ICT  

Officially the Honda NSR150 is in Thailand divided in two models the regular NSR150 and the NSR150 SP. The Honda NSR150 SP had pro_arm suspension, RC valves and Nika-SIl coated cylinders, the NSR150 SP produced around 39 horsepower, while the regular Honda NSR150 gave around 30 horsepower.

The regular Honda NSR150 was manufactured in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. The Taiwanese version was manufactured by Kymco and had less (around 20 horsepower) power due to a smaller carburetor and ports in the cylinder. Kymco sold the NSR150 as Honda NSR150 and as the Kymco NSR150.

The Honda NSR150 SP or RR was only manufactured in Japan and Thailand. The Honda NSR150 was sold in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia.

The Honda NSR150 was officially introduced in 1997, while an updated version was launched in Australia in mid 2001. The NSR150 SP is a real collector’s bike, especially the NSR150 SP in Repsol colors, which is also called the Michael Doohan model as it was sold as a tribute to Australian GP racer Michael Doohan who won five 500cc World championships on a Honda NSR500, only Giacomo Agostini and Valentino Rossi have won more premier class titles.

The Honda NSR150 was born out of the NS125 (1985 to 1993), the NS125 later developed into NSR125 (1977 to 2001), the NS125 and NSR125 (J20) was originally designed and developed by Honda Italia Industriale S.P.A.. The NSR125 was equipped with a Dellorto carburetor, Marzochi front forks and Grimeca wheels fitted with Pirelli MT-45 tires. The Honda NSR125 was a big success in Europe and Honda Japan started to produce the NSR125 (J22) a few years after it was introduced in Europe. The Japanese version of the NSR125 did had to do without Dellorto carburetor, Marzochi forks and Grimeca wheels. The Honda NSR125 was produced until 2001… and the last bike was sold mid 2003.

The Honda NSR125 also was responsible for the now famous letters behind a Honda model, F for naked-bike and R for sportsbike.

The Honda NSR250 was officially never sold in Thailand, in the early days it was a popular model in Thailand for some independent motorcycles dealers to parallel import the NSR250 from Japan.



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By: Flying Squirrel (offline)  Tuesday, 02 February 2016 @ 11:38 AM ICT  

There are a few earlier NSR 250's in Thailand I have one.

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I also used to have an NSR 150R in Indonesia.

The engines are more or less the same across the models as are the frames. Early MC128's had 18 inch rear tires that were common at the time, later MC21's had 17" front and rear. The much later MC28 has a single sided swing arm. I am not sure if there are any MC28's in Thailand. Gearboxes have different ratio for all three versions. MC21 has a curved radiator whereas MC18 has a straight one.

There is a company in Sattahip who have parts and stuff for NSR's there are also at least two international forums and a website from Japan ] all for enthusiasts. Jamies' site has more or less everything you might need to know.


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