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I would like to buy Honda motorcycles ( about 20 pcs) from Thailand and take them to Uk, first of all, these motor bikes must meet the EU's standard but I am not sure if Honda Uk has got anything against importing Honda motorcycles by someone who is not authourized dealer. I appreciate your feed back.



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By: news (offline)  Thursday, 21 May 2015 @ 02:52 AM ICT  

You can be sure that Honda UK would not be happy about somebody doing parallel import of scooters. While Honda UK can not prevent you from importing the first shipment, they will probably try to trace the source of any motorcycles/scooters you bring into the UK and will try prevent you from buying more...

Most Honda scooters in Thailand are EU legal, some are already sold in the UK under a different name. For instance, the UK Honda Vision is called in Thailand the Honda Spacy-i.

While some models have the same model name but different engine specifications, like the Honda PCX is in the UK equipped with a125cc engine, while the same scooter has a 150cc engine in Thailand. This also applies to the Honda CBR125R motorcycle, which is in Thailand only available as a 150cc.



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By: Flying Squirrel (offline)  Thursday, 21 May 2015 @ 10:02 AM ICT  

I suppose if there are models available here that are not available for some reason in the UK then maybe?

But to think that they are cheaper here and therefore there is some money to be made might be a fallacy as after all that is what Honda does.

Maybe there is demand for a model that Honda does not think is worth the effort of supporting and buyers are willing to pay a premium for such a bike.

If the former is true and you think there is room for a grey market importer and that you can make something from transporting, paying import duty, registering etc. then I am sure Honda would be happy to have you as a "dealer". After all their vehicle division probably has a fleet sales rep. so why not their bike division. They sell large amount of bikes to the police!

There are grey market dealers here who import all sorts of stuff and do the same in reverse. I'm not sure exactly how the grey market system works

If Honda bikes has no fleet sales dept. you could approach a dealer here and get a discount on 20 bikes. Then stick them all in a container etc. should be doable. My nearest dealer in on Soi On Nut. Very busy dealership I am sure they would be happy to oblige. There is even a Honda dealership here with an American customer service rep. who deals exclusively with foreigners.

One important thing to factor into your calculations is that duty is levied on the landed cost of the goods which includes the freight cost.

It might not be all bad though as there is at least one company that does what you envision with Toyota Pickups. Might be worth a chat with them?

If there is a downside it will be the speedo, which needs to display both mph and kph.


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