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People, can somebody tell me what is a big bike and what is not, I searched the internet and the information is really confusing, some websites talk about 200cc, most about 250cc and a few about 300cc (including this website).

So what is the real story behind this all?

I need a motorcycle to travel between two towns and I not think I need a expensive big bike to do so, but what is a big bike and what is not?

By: news (offline)  Sunday, 17 May 2015 @ 08:02 PM ICT  

Hello Bill,

I understand your question and your confusion, originally several countries that would form the current ASEAN co-operation of countries agreed that 175cc would be the maximum amount a engine size allowed without extra taxation. Not so long after that, with the lobbing of Honda in several of those countries it was raised to 200cc, the pack of countries was at this point split, with Vietnam and its usual allies Laos and Cambodia sticking to the 175cc agreement.

After some years, ASEAN became a fact and rules and regulations started to make sense.... Most motorcycle manufacturers, together with several national scientific organizations proved that if would be possible to burn less fuel and create less harmful pollutant if the, unofficial ASEAN standard of 200cc would be raised to 250cc...

And from now on we basically follow that road, the major manufacturers showed that they could reduce at similar performance the fuel if the maximum engine size would be raised to 300cc, and most recently Yamaha showed that it would beat a 300cc engine with a 321cc engine so most ASEAN countries are now at a 325cc limit for small engine motorcycles.

It's expected that Bajaj Auto would challenge the engine efficiency and raise it to 390 or 400cc... Not forget that every-time the engine sizes gets bigger the engine emission gets tougher.... So if the ASEAN level reach 400cc any motorcycles produced before the agreement will never be seen as a small engine motorcycle as they would have different performance and pollution impact.

So a Honda CBR250RR produced before the ASEAN agreement is still considered a big bike, while a Kawasaki Ninja 300 or a Yamaha YZF-R3 is considered as a small engine bike...



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