By: moskito (offline)  Tuesday, 28 April 2015 @ 09:11 AM ICT (Read 919 times)  

Gooood morning,

I need a new clutch and some other parts for my old Honda Steed 600 (or VT600 how it is called in Europe)

Until now I usually ordered everything I need in Ebay or even better in Aliexpress. Until today I have not find any shop here in
Thailand to walk just in and buying some parts,specially for big bikes.

Problem in Ebay is often the shipping costs, in many cases you buy a part for 5-20 USD and specially the US sellers charge you 70-80USD on Top of it.

Problem in Aliexpress ist the shipping time, shipping is many times free since shipping costs from China where the most parts come from are cheap, but sometimes it needs up to 4 weeks until you receive your asap needed item...specially if you are looking for a clutch like me at the moment Smile

I can go to a mechanic but I often learned that you pay more than 200% more for the same parts, even if they are using copies. For example, a friend just paid for his clutch 3400.-Baht just for the friction plates, without the work and new steel rings, which should come normally together I guess.

Same parts are all together in Ebay or Aliexpress 1500-1800 Baht so thats a difference.

My question is, Is there any shop for new motorcycle parts for big bikes in Thailand? Do they ship from Bkk to other locations if in Bangkok? Do they have an ENGLISH internet page for ordering parts (until now I found NONE) English is always a problem I think.

I tried to use the SEARCH function here but was not successfull with it, so hopefully my new Topic doesnt bother you.
Sorry for my English, my German is a little bit better Big Grin hope you will understand it anyways



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By: news (offline)  Tuesday, 28 April 2015 @ 10:51 AM ICT  

You can try shops like Redbaron in Bangkok, but I would not get my hopes up. Most motorcycle shops only stock parts for motorcycles that are officially sold in Thailand.

The Steed 600/VT-600 was never officially sold in Thailand and therefore it's difficult to find parts. You should try to find a parts supplier in Japan, Thailand and Japan have a free-trade-agreement which includes automotive parts and delivery is often not more than 3 days (Bangkok)...



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