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I am a new member here and both pretty new to both Thailand and motorcycles. I am planning both living in Thailand and buying a motorcycle pretty soon. I recently rented a Honda Forza for 3 weeks and really liked it, even though my was pretty slow and old. My spoken Thai is absolutly non existing so finding a site like this is great. Of course I want to find out what models are made in Thailand, and better there then imported bikes. But when I saw that the side with Honda prices both are old and wrong, my exitement passed. After that I did not know any more if any other manufacturers prices was right or wrong, as the date on the top of the site is new, but the rest can be old.

Is it not anybody who can update them or just add a link to what the prices really are? Not anybody want to know what the prices was 3 or 4 years ago and in my case get information that it is not even made in Thailand and the price is as it's been imported, as the information is from 2012, and the model started beeing made in 2013 in Thailand.

I even think that it's better not to have any prices, if the viewer get information that only messes things up more then not knowing at all. If there is no info we at least look for it somewhere els. In my case I belived it for some time and it really just made it more complicated then if I hade looked for it somewhere els. Now I know that Honda Forrza IS made in Thailand, at least...


P.S Sorry for my bad spelling but I guess it's better then your Swedish...



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By: surinlad52 (offline)  Wednesday, 15 April 2015 @ 12:56 PM ICT  

It would be good to know how much you are willing to spend. And what Bikes interest you.There are a number of good expat sites that have second hand bikes for sale



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