By: Angelo (offline)  Wednesday, 02 September 2009 @ 12:11 AM ICT (Read 3595 times)  

I read in a Spanish site that Ratthapark Wilairot with his team has made contact with the Bimota for the project Moto2 in 2010 and that during the Moto GP at Misano he will visit Bimota factory in order to better assess the proposal.

I am very happy that Ratthapark Wilairot took that decision!
After two years in 250 the pilot has made much headway on his bike ... did not!
The same bike, maybe not so official like Ratthapark Wilairot, Honda Team Scot is first in the drivers' standings and it's about 5 years (first with Dovizioso) it's at the top of the rankings!
Team in motorcycle racing is very IMPORTENT !!!!!!!!!
If Ratthapark Wilairot finally decided to work, even if only partially, with an Italian manufacturer of proven experience as a Bimota can only be good for him!
Welcome Ratthapark Wilairot to Romagna the land of the race..
In any case, if Ratthapark Wilairot will need help, simply for the language (my wife is Thai) or other (the managers Bimota are often, even now at my hotel) do not hesitate to contact us!
I like Ratthapark Wilairot as a pilot and I will do everything to help him.



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By: Richard (offline)  Thursday, 03 September 2009 @ 09:25 PM ICT  

I can understand the need for the team to source a new supporting background, Honda is currently famous for not getting things on track. No decisions are being made, nothing is happening, everything on two-wheels is in the freezer.

The organization behind the 250GP is already talking for years to move from 250cc two-stroke to 600cc four-stroke, basically Honda is the only team without a plan...

In Thailand, Honda cannot decide what to do, introduce big bikes, or wait, currently Honda, the company once known for breaking all rules and introducing technology is at the moment the only company which has no big bikes on the Thai market. Kawasaki, Yamaha, and lately Suzuki have introduced big bikes into the Thai market.

And on the home market, Honda was once the leader of price and sales and production tactics, but Honda motorcycle is now reduced to following minor players like Kawasaki, by moving production to Thailand for the 250cc range....

When I lived in Japan, I did a very comprehensive testing of both the Kawasaki and Honda offerings in the 250cc range. And, by no surprise it was hard to justify the selecting a Honda over a Kawasaki, to be honest I even visited Yamaha to be honest. Which for some dedicated bikers in Japan is something like a Piano on wheels...

Sure in the West, Yamaha has lots of fame, from bikes as YZF-R1 or the YZF-R6, which I need to say are really top bikes, but they are not available in Japan....

Honda needs to take the Thai motorcycle market serious and very very fast. Apparently they have “currently” no idea to get the imagination of the Thai teenagers (one of the worlds biggest motorcycle commercial markets.)



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By: Angelo (offline)  Thursday, 03 September 2009 @ 11:32 PM ICT  

Question I'm sorry Richard but I do not understand? Question

surely what you wrote is true!
I'm not a marketing expert, I know much better the motorcycle racing world..
My post is just about Ratthapark Wilairot and his team.
I do not believe that Honda has not yet a plan for Moto2 !?! I understand that Honda will be the sole supplier of the engine block for all pilots!



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