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In response to the proposed ban on young children riding on motorcycles, Save the Children calls for the government's attention to children below the age of two to not be allowed on motorcycles. We urge the government and police to enforce the existing helmet law for all passengers, particularly children 2 years old and up.

With an estimated 1.3 million children in Thailand travelling on motorcycles, the government has legislated that all people - including children - must wear a safety helmet at all times. Still, many child passengers are often seen without helmets - only 7 per cent of children in Thailand currently wear helmets while riding motorcycles. This leads to devastating results: approximately 2,600 children are killed, and more than 72,000 injured, every year in road crashes.

We recommend that children under two should not ride motorcycles as they are at high risk of longlasting injuries since they cannot wear helmets safely. We also recommend that children under five only ride motorcycles under close adult supervision. Currently, there are no government regulations on this. But there is a law that requires all passengers and drivers to wear helmets at all times.

Allison Zelkowitz, Save the Children in Thailand country director, explains: "At such a young age of two and below, children have insufficient

muscle strength to support the weight of a helmet - they are more prone to injuries and should not be allowed on motorcycles at all. Children between 2 to 5 years should only ride in front of an adult, and must always wear a childsized helmet that fits properly, and is fastened tightly. In Thailand, motorcycles are important in providing children access to schools and health facilities, but safety must always be the first concern."

We also recommend the use of alternate forms of transport for young children: public buses, subways, tricycles (tuktuks), taxis and public minivans.

Save the Children in Thailand is partnering with the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation in a collaborative effort called "The 7% Project," which aims to decrease motorcycle death and injury among children by increasing helmet use from 7 per cent to 60 per cent by 2017.

Songporn Leelakitichok

Save the Children Thailand

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It's easy for law makers and non-governmental agencies to come up with rules like no kids under 2-years on a motorcycle, but in downtown Bangkok you can find a kid day care or creche in every neighborhood. The thing is the more you move away from the center of downtown Bangkok the less kid day care centers you find.

I live in one of the suburbs of Bangkok and the area is also a kid day care center, and if I look who bring kids with motorcycles to the day care center most are people who are lucky that they can afford a motorcycle/scooter... And I bet that all would love to bring the kids to the day care center in a nice pickup truck... but they just cannot afford a car...



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By: Flying Squirrel (offline)  Tuesday, 31 March 2015 @ 03:48 PM ICT  

I agree with the above.Maybe Ms.Zelkowitz should spend less time worrying about what caring parents do on their motorcycles and start asking why children of migrant workers don't go to school and spend their days on dangerous construction sites.


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