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What is the truth about Benelli motorcycles being sold as Keeway bikes? I read on other forums that the Benelli motorcycles are also sold as Keeway, but I contacted a Keeway dealer and they told me that it's completely not true.

By: ThaiDesign (offline)  Saturday, 21 February 2015 @ 09:16 PM ICT  

The Benelli BN600 is only sold in a few countries, as far as I know Venezuela and China, as Keeway models. The reason for this is simple, Keeway is a very strong brand in those countries and therefore introducing a complete new brand is not very smart. For Venezuela, Keeway is one of the most sold motorcycles, for every Honda sold, Keeway sells about 5 motorcycles. (Link to Keeway Venezuela

In other countries in South and Middle America, for example Mexico, the BN600 is also sold by Keeway dealers but it's sold as a Benelli BN600... (see example

Even in Thailand, motorcycle and car manufacturers re-brand vehicles to sell it better. For example Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj Auto sold in Thailand the Bajaj Avenger 175 as the Kawasaki Boss 175, just because it didn't make sense to start an independent distribution network for just one motorcycle model.



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