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I'm contemplating semi-retirement in Thailand. I have a Thai girlfriend who is not yet a rider. I'm looking at buying a Yamaha Xmax 250 or similar ( see other thread on this forum ). I have a U.K. license which entitles me to drive everything except a motorway bus, together with an International Driving Permit, which I presume grants me the same entitlement in Thailand. It is my intention when I'm next in Pattaya ( 2 weeks time ) to apply for a Thai m/cycle license and a Thai car license.

My specific question are :-

1) What does my girlfrient need to do to legitimately learn to ride a motorcyle ?
2) Is there a maximum size of bike ( cc ) that she is allowed to learn on ?
3) What is the usual "learning process" ? does she have to undertake a course ( if so where ) ? or can I teach her ?
4) I can't recall ever seeing a motorcycle in Thailand with "L" plates on ~ is this not a requirement ?
5) What else do I need to know............................ ?

Any and all advice / information would be appreciated, thanks

a.k.a. the Proffesor



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By: Richard (offline)  Friday, 21 August 2009 @ 10:47 PM ICT  

He Proffesor,

In Thailand it is very easy to get a motorcycle drivers license, and I recommend that all people try to get it... Forget Thai riding schools, or something similar, the actual exam costs is something less then 200 Baht. With the rent of a motorcycle maybe 300 Baht. You can do multiple exams and still be cheaper then doing any training...

The Thai traffic code is old, and not so long ago the Thai government was thinking to split the drivers license for motorcycles into two, being below 250cc and above 250cc. But with the many political changes in the last few years I have the impression that this is not a high priority. So for now, if you finish the drivers test and get the motorcycle drivers permit you can step onto a 1000cc road devil and ride it legal. No displacement, learning, or horses limitations.

For the Yamaha Tmax 250, which I love to ride, it is a magical machine, still with the Thai price of plus 500,000 Baht you can get a few machines which also make you very happy.

Learning process of a female on a big bike is for everybody different, my girl's first motorcycle was a BMW 650cc Xmoto, it was her dream bike, so what could I say.......



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