By: Anonymous: Thomas ()  Sunday, 05 October 2014 @ 08:31 PM ICT (Read 2623 times)  


Has any one experienced any problem with the cam shaft chain extensioner ? It gives you a metallic rattle sound. As far as I understund its a common problem.

Regards Thomas

By: Anonymous: Jack ()  Wednesday, 15 October 2014 @ 08:36 PM ICT  

I had a little noise coming from the motor before i went to first 1000km service with my honda crf250m

i told them this and they said ok we will check it...

in the afternoon i got a call from honda they need 2 more days waiting for spare parts i asked what spareparts they told me the crankshaft is to change.

ok that took realy 2 days i came back got my bike not really happy as this is a major surgery on the open heart for a 900km old bike.
i went off to nakohn nayok crosse the national park to khao yai and wanted to go back to bkk via saraburi

just before saraburi i let the bike run 120 125 and suddenly i heard a strange noise paired with a delay in speed clutch break stop...

the engine was still running but i had a bad noise from it coming like knock knock knock but no choice iu had to make it to honda at least so after saraburi i got a big honda dealer with garage they checked the noise and said it might be crankshaft and what they did was refilled cooling liquid almost half a bottle 39 baht no problem but strange so maybe they forgot that in bkk and the bike got to hot or it blew the cyclinder and lost on that event the liquid.

for me most important was their statement they said i can go back to bkk and check the engine there so i wnet to my honda again and voila i had a piston seizure in a bike with 1400km i really never rode the bike hard that one time was the first time it was above 115km/h rest of the time it was ridden very soft

so in bkk they changed the cylinder upper and lower part not the head and the piston i got pics but its so boring to upload them here so i wont...

thats my experience with honda crf250m an engine sold millions of times maybe jsut bad luck for me or i got a monday bike but to be honest i am not happy with this bike anymore i cant trust it a piston seizure with 120km/h can be your death so iam thinking to buy a bit bigger bike like the new Kawasaki coming out or something like it any ideas suggestions ???

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