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After years of renting 150cc bikes in Thailand and just hoping I wont have an accident this year I am doing it right.. so,

1. I have taken my full motorcycle test in the uk
2. I Have my IDP
3. I have specialist motorbike travel insurance

is there anything I have forgotten or missed? I am planing on renting a 200-400cc cruiser/chopper (steed/phantom??) on Phuket and doing a loop upto Khao Sok, down to krabi and then skipping over to Lipe before picking the bike back up and returning to Phuket. I am going to find a guesthouse at Pak Bara to look after the bike whilst on Lipe. Not sure where to rent the bike yet or where to buy a decent helmet on Phuket.

Any advice from expats would be great???

By: news (offline)  Friday, 05 September 2014 @ 11:57 PM ICT  

You should try to get a Bail Bond Insurance for Thailand, because if you're involved in an accident where a person dies you likely get arrested (even if it's completely not your fault).

If a person dies in a traffic accident it's for the court to decide who was wrong, and without a Bail Bond Insurance the bail for a foreigner can often be pretty high.... You not want to spend weeks in jail before the Thai court can review your case....



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