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Yamaha Motor announces that the download of the English version of the 'Yamaha RevTranslator' smartphone application is now available via the Apple App Store and Google Play stores, the application is free-of-charge.

The Yamaha RevTranslator App "translates" engine sounds into over 100 million different combinations of phrases. It has become very popular in Japan and the announcement of the Japanese version's release was covered by numerous media. The engine's translated "emotions" vary depending on the engine sound, the time of day and the weather. You can also accumulate points by using the application to unlock rare caricatures of various Yamaha products used worldwide while having fun hearing the engine "talk" to you.

"Revs your Heart" is the global Yamaha Motor group's brand slogan. The word "revs" carries meanings like the revs of an engine, causing excitement and getting worked up into a state of excitement. This slogan carries Yamaha Motor's desire to bring exciting moments to our customers like the rising revs of an engine. The development of the "Yamaha RevTranslator" is a part of this desire and we sincerely hope that our customers will see a new angle to engines and the sounds they make by using this application.

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