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I am planning a visit and probably stay at least a year in Thailand (by way of retirement visa) with my family next year. So, I would like to know if I can bring my bike along to use in Thailand (with foreign plate number and registration-not for sale, just for personal usage) for long term, or not? I don't know the related Thailand laws about this issue. Although I checked related topics at your web site such as legal requirements for motor vehicles (registration, motor vehicle taxes and insurance requirements), I couldn't find foreign registration allowances or exceptions since it does not fit import or export definitions (or am I totally wrong?).

It seems that if I buy this bike in Thailand it will be way more expensive as I checked the price. I did not calculate any means of transportation yet. But first of all, it is better to know if this option is available. If anyone has information on this issue, I will be more than happy to take advice. Thanks in advance.

Note: I applied for an account for this site but not replied and issued a password yet. Sorry for writing anonymous.

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